Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A couple more things

So carrying from my last post what I've been up to lately. We had a Asian import sale at a local hall that was on for four days. We stumbled on it quite by accident when we were out for a driving lesson (I've gotten my learners license for the third time and will hopefully actually learn how to drive this time. I guess it is about time since I'll be 25 this year) so we stopped in, there was a lot of lovely things but most of it was well out of my price range I did find a pile of lovely prints for $15.00 a piece and I decided to choose one. So anyway here is what I choose and how I framed it.
Here is my print I thought he had a friendly looking face

I had this frame I picked up a while back for another project which I never got to, it wasn't quite right though so...

I painted the frame black and the mat red and I think it turned out quite nice
 So after I got this guy done I remembered some cute Asian embroidery pandas I picked up at a yard sale a while back and decided to get them out and try to frame them up.
Here are my supplies I picked up a red piece of poster board and a frame from the dollar store and

I think it turned out okay I stenciled a couple flowers with a store bought stencil to fill in the empty space a bit.
I also had these cranes

and another panda the one above it is a travel add for Hong Kong from and old National Geographic
Here it is so far I need to find a couple more pictures to fill things in a bit more.
Covering the hole in the wall ha ha
So besides that I've been sewing the last couple days. So I had this t-shirt...
ya that one I got it for free when Kelloggs had a give away. My boyfriend eats a lot of Mini Wheats I don't know how anyone can like cereal as much as he does but any way I turned it into...
this dolman tee using this tutorial from Corinne over at threadbanger (she's back at threadbanger by the way for anyone who missed her) and she has her own channel here called Craftovision. I'll try to remember to get a photo of it on when the BF comes home he's off at work again.
 I also made this sweater
Okay it does not look good with these pants. It turned out alright this is my first attempt at drafting a pattern from scratch I'm pretty happy with it although it does need a few adjustments I'm working on a second one with adjustments.

I was attempting to make one that looked similar to this from marks (which is part of Avon)
 I received a package from my Grandma and Grandpa in law the other day which included
One of those really cool moldable vases which we picked some flowers for on our rose foraging expedition

a wine chart that explains all the terminology which I'm exited about because I always get so confused when choosing wine.

and this lovely card and a picture of a flowering turnip (who would have guessed tulips flowered) The card had a quick note in it for Aaron and I and a lovely Quote that read:

Emulate a sunflower turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.
    Maori Proverb

And last of all today I picked some clover for my tea and dehydrated it and I picked up a spearmint plant which I will have to re-pot tomorrow
red clover all dehydrated

spearmint plant from Canadian Tire
Well I think that's about it around here hopefully I'll get back to blogging more regularly again.


  1. hmm, you've been busy! I hope your veggie garden is coming along well despite the clay soil. rock on!

  2. Everything turned out beautifully! I love the pop of red and the blouse is just lovely. Looks great on you.