Thursday, May 17, 2012

nail care set

A couple weeks ago I went to a fundraiser at our local drugstore that was raising money for breast cancer and ended up winning a really neat nail clipper set in a guess how many jelly beans draw.
I was actually pleasantly surprised at what a nice set it was everything works really well. It has a really nice set of tweezers in it which I'm sure you ladies know aren't always easy to come by.
So anyway I loved the case it's so funky but it needed to be more colorful so I used this Mr.Kate tutorial for painting a purse to try and spruce it up a bit and here it what I came up with.
It's no work of art but I like it it adds a nice bit of color

Here it is open a bit
For my wild rose design I looked up "wild rose coloring page" on google image and found this image here to use as a reference then free handed my design with black paint then filled it in with my colored paint 3 times and went over the black outline again again.
Here is my image ready to be filled in.
So there it is like I said no master piece or anything but I'm happy and I liked learning how to paint on vinyl.

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  1. Looks so professional done, like it was bought that way. Wow, that came out really nice!