Monday, May 7, 2012

What I've Been up to

I guess it''s been a while since I posted anything I seem to keep getting side tracked lately. I'm working on a couple projects but haven't been doing a lot, I got kinda sick for a while there and  had to go for some tests and such, they still don't know what was wrong they gave me anti-biotics but it turned out not to be an infection at all so who knows if I'll ever know. I'm feeling better now and have gotten caught up on housework and errands, it's amazing how fast these things pile up when your out of commission for a few days, so anyway here are some pictures I took on my way way to appointments and a couple walks
April 27th...
Found this cool spot tucked away behind the co-op gas station not far from my doctors office.
you got a nice view of this creek

My favorite flower the calypso orchid or fairy slipper. This is an amazing little plant it has a mycorrhizal dependence on certain fungus in the soil so it is only found in undisturbed areas and is not transplantable. It relies on "pollination by deception" as it needs bees for pollination but doesn't actually have any nectar for them so it has to look as though it does to entice them to landing.

I felt like I was being watched and sure enough I looked up from taking photos of flowers to see this lovely animal peeking at me through the trees.

This is a blond moral apparently good eating but I'm not at all confident in my mushroom identification skills so I don't forage for them.

I think this is yellow tipped coral mushroom

Witch's Butter

There were so many fawn lillys

Oregon grape

Salmon Berry blossom

Skunk cabbage, apparently some insects are attracted by the strong smell and come to pollinate it. Black bears also like the smell and it is an important food source in the spring when they first emerge from hibernation. They apparently dig up and eat the starchy roots.


Yellow Stream Violet

Unfortunately some people don't seem to have much respect for such a lovely little spot there was so much trash strewn around everywhere. Makes me sad that people don't seem to realize how fortunate they are to have such a lovely place to explore right in there back yard.

These are from May 1st I can't remember where I was going when I took these I think I was just running a few errands.
I love bumble bees they where all over this bush it was hard to get a good photo though they won't hold still for long enough

What is up with this daisy it's a mutant

These lovely violets were growing on someones lawn


Seen the water bomber zipping around the last couple days must be getting ready for fire season
These are from May 2 on my way to an appointment
Pacific Bleeding Heart

I liked this mushroom I don't know what it is

Hooker's Fairybells

Black Twinberry

I'm not sure what this guy is, it looks a bit like ocean spray but I don't think that's right

Anyway that's about it here, I was in Victoria with the boyfriend for my sister in laws baby's first birthday on Saturday. We stayed the night at my mother in laws and went for a stroll on the beach in the morning yesterday. I forgot my camera at home though so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Hopefully I'll get some projects done in the next couple days.
  Well hopefully I'll be posting again soon bye for now.

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  1. Wow, you sure do know your plants, that is impressive. I have never seen a deer, ever so that pic with the deer is awesome! I love all of the others too, especially that yellow coral looking plant. Who knew a plant can look like something straight out of the ocean. Incredible.

    Well, I am happy that you are feeling better. Hope it stays that way and that you are feeling 100% better real soon. All the best!