Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting my seeds organized and some yummy soup

Well my mum and I are planting our vegetable garden and have realized we both had a lot of duplicate packages of seeds and it was time to get them organized. So we combined collections and I got them organized in a photo box so we can easily see what we have and not keep buying the same seeds over and over.
All organized

Marked the box

Really 9 packs of radishes I like radishes as much as the next person but really.

Dante looking on clearly very enthusiastic about the whole process
      So besides that I made a very yummy vegetarian soup the other night with tofu in it. This is my second attempt at tofu, my mum and I gave it a go quite a few years ago and weren't impressed but I decided to give it another go and quite liked it this time. I'm trying to incorporate some vegetarian meals into the dinner rotation for various reasons.
Thai Coconut Soup not the prettiest soup in the world but it's very good. The one ingredient I couldn't get was lemon grass so I used the zest from one lemon and it seemed to do the trick.
 Also went for a walk with my mum the other day
Saskatoon berry lots of this guy around I'll have to see if I can find some good recipes to try.

Vanilla leaf apparently named for the leaves which have a vanilla scent and are often dried and used as a potpourri. Native Americans also used it as an insect repellant I may have to read more about that and give it a go there is a lot of it about.

Wild strawberry these get eaten up pretty fast I doubt I'll be quick enough to get any.

Robin eggs the chicks must be starting to hatch. Unfortunately it doesn't look good for our little eggs (bottom of the page) no sigh of mummy and daddy it seems they've been abandoned.

   Well bye for now hope everyone is starting to get some nice weather.

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