Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Cat Mat and Storage Container

I decided I needed a new way to store the cats food so I used this idea here and I also just found a similar idea here . So I found a popcorn tin for $0.50 at a local thrift shop and got some chalk board paint and spray paint and got started.
      Then I decided I needed a new mat as well and after doing a search for a pet food mat on google I found this funky fish shaped mat here for a hefty price of $35.00  and remembered I had a small piece of blue vinyl I picked up at a second hand store that would be just perfect. So I sketched out a fish on newspaper and used repositionable adhesive to hold it onto my vinyl well I cut my shape out.
   So anywhere here is what I ended up with, I'll start with the before
not to pretty his food was stored in an old cat litter container, and the mat is not super pretty
    and here is the after
I like this much better. I think the colors are all okay together they're all in the blue/green family so I don't think they look weird together
I was originally just going to do a square of chalkboard paint on the front of the tin but after cutting out the mat I decided I wanted to do a fish to tie things together.

I love how this turned out, vinyl is so nice to work with you don't have to hem it and it can be easily wiped clean
Well the mat is Dante approved

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  1. Good idea plus you've saved yourself quite a bit of money too!

    P.S I've nominated you for an award!!! :)