Friday, April 20, 2012

More photos from my mother in laws

We're back home now but yesterday I went for a walk in the forest behind my mother in laws. It's quite a lovely mixture of garry oak, arbutus and douglas fir. It`s fun to see all the different plants that grow just a couple hour drive south. Anyway here are some more pictures I took hope you enjoy.
This is Baby cat he decided to come for a hike with me

We made it to the top by some miracle we dragged both our chubby butts up the monster hill without either of our hearts giving out on us. Baby doesn't really like to be held so I couldn't get him to look at the camera

We found a spot to sit for a few minutes to catch our breath and enjoy the view. Baby snuggled up beside me to get his back scratched.
 Now for some flowers
Broad leaved stone crop pretty soon it will be covered in bright yellow flowers there where quite a few buds on it.

chickweed monkey flower, the flowers on this guy are so tiny

small flowered blued-eyed mary another very cute little flower

small flowering woodland star

stream violet
 I don't know what these guys are I couldn't find them in my book
This sort of looks a bit like some type of forget me not but I'm not really sure

I don't have any idea what this could be
Here is Baby cat leading the way back down to the house

and here we are back home with Suki napping in one of his favorite spots. He's quite an old fellow now I'm not sure if he will be around to much longer he's gotten quite skinny and has taken to peeing and pooping on the floor around the house even when there are people around to let him out. I think the general consensus is that he has gotten senile in his old age he does act quite strange at times. Poor old Suki. 

The lovely view from the dinner table where I had some lunch, it's such a beautiful place to visit I do love the arbutus trees we don't get very many of them at our part of the island.
Well that's what I've been up to I have some pictures of the wildflowers growing around our place as well but my old hand me down computer finally croaked so I'll have to see if I can recover the photos off it and the one that croaked before it as well. I have finally sucked it up and bought a new lap top so it should be okay for a while. It drives me nuts how poorly built these things are. They cost a fortune and no matter how much I spend it seems like I'm lucky if it's a year before I begin to have problems and 3 years before it's entirely croaked on me.  I really don't treat them badly at all. Anyway sorry about the rant I just feel very strongly about the poor quality of electronics and many other things that seem as though they start to fall apart as soon as you take them out of the box, oh here I go again now I better go before I really get going on the subject.
 Goodbye all until next time have a great day.


  1. Really pretty photos! Sorry you've had to get another computer, hopefully this one will last you longer!

    This might cheer you up, I've given you a Sunshine Award!

  2. It looks like you have a nice trip! I'm jealous of the view in a few of your pictures!

  3. looks so beautiful, like "little house on the prairie" gorgeous! (which by the way was a fav of mine, still is) I really understand the frustration with electronics, unfortunately it will probably only get worse. Hope this one last a long time for you.