Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm just at my Mother in Laws for a couple days with my boyfriend. I went I took some pictures yesterday, the flowers are a bit further ahead here.
some lovely shooting star that grows all around the house

Fawn lillies back home the fawn lilies are just starting to get buds on them
 My boyfriend is working on cleaning out the work shed and these guys live just behind where the property where it's located.

This one was to shy to come over and say hello

This old girl came over to get her nose scratched and I fed her some grass, she didn't have any left in her pen. Poor thing has a sore on her neck ans her bum is all raw I wonder whats wrong with her.

These guys where in a pen behind the place where we had lunch along with a rooster some chickens and a turkey. It was a lot of fun watching the goats frolic with each other. 


  1. Great photos! that new camera of yours takes really good pics, congrats. The horses are my fav.