Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gun Rugs for my Dad

My dad asked me if I could make a couple gun rugs for him to put his hand guns in when he takes them to the range, so I said I'd see what I could do. I ended up only doing the zipper part way around as I was having trouble getting it around the curve. My Dad says there is another guy that goes to the Sunday shoots that has a gun rug his wife made him so I'll tag along on Sunday and take a look to see how she did it.
       It's always fun going along I'll bring the boyfriend if he's around and some hot dogs to roast up for lunch and we can make a day of it. I'm sure the bf will have fun asking about all the different guns and I can go putter around in the woods and take some pictures (I've never been to interested in shooting).
Here is the first one I made, when I first took it over to show dad I hadn't stenciled it yet and he said it wasn't perdy enough so I made the stencil for it and he liked it but it was the wrong kind of gun (as if I can tell the difference they all look the same to me) the R.E.D. is his initials

I quilted the inside with 2 layers of batting

The zipper is kind of  wonky at the end

Here is the second one with the right kind of gun stenciled on it( a Ruger Black Hawk apparently just in case anyone was wondering)

The inside I just did the zip at the end on this one and we'll see which he likes better or if I'll be able to sew a zipper all the way round

My supervisor of course had to come over and check up on me.
So I'm glad I gave this a try I learned a lot and think I will be able to make improvements in the future. If anyone Knows of a good tutorial for how to sew a zipper in a curve I'd appreciate it very much I didn't find much when I searched. Or if anyone just has some advice I'd be tickled pink if you'd share.
   So anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

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