Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dandelion Wine

   Hello well I haven't really done a lot the last few days, I ended up having to go to emergency on Friday night as I was having pain in my stomach and back. So it turns out I have an infection so they gave me some antibiotics to take. So I was finally feeling better today and was itching to get outside, I've mostly just been sleeping the last couple days, so I decided go pick some dandelions to make wine, it felt really good to get out even if it was raining. So Ive got the first step on the go which is just to soak the dandelion petals in boiling water for 24 hours. I got the recipe at Root Simple. So I hope it turns out I guess it will be a year before I know for sure but anything good is worth waiting for. So anyway I've got a few appointments in the next few days but hopefully I'll get some things done.
Lucky me I get to take this happy blue fellow twice a day and the white one 3 times a day for 6 more days then I guess I'm supposed to be good as new. I've got to go for a couple tests though to make sure my insides are still where there supposed to be or something like that.

Here are the dandelions soaking away tomorrow I add the sugar, yeast and citrus peel and pop it in a carboy to ferment I think, my boyfriend was explaining all the processes and I got a bit lost about which step does what.
Well that's about it for me nothing to exiting, now I'll go see what all the other bloggers are up to.

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