Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some pretty flowers and dandelion wine making

I had to go to the optometrist yesterday and seen some lovely flowers on my walk over. It was raining quite hard but it wasn't windy so my umbrella and rain boots did a pretty good job of keeping me dry. When I got home the boyfriend and I worked on the wine again. Anyway here are the pictures...
These blossoms are so pretty I`m not sure what they`ll be.

ornamental plum blossoms


 Magnolias are very cool trees there are about 210 species in the genus I found this interesting bit on Wikipedia.. ``Magnolia is an ancient genus. Having evolved before bees appeared, the flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles. To avoid damage from pollinating beetles, the carpels of Magnolia flowers are extremely tough. Fossilized specimens of Magnolia acuminata have been found dating to 20 million years ago, and of plants identifiably belonging to the Magnoliaceae dating to 95 million years ago. Another primitive aspect of Magnolias is their lack of distinct sepals or petals. Magnolias possess undifferentiated flower parts for which the term "tepals" was coined``
  I think it`s really coo`l to be looking at something that was around with the dinosaurs.
western flowering dogwood

salmon berry blossoms

I love the color of this hyacinth

More blossoms
Here is the wine we've got it in the carboy at the moment with some stuff in it to kill the bacteria so it won`t go bad.  I`ve got a doctors appointment at 2 so when I get home I`ll put the yeast in to do it`s thing.

grated up the lemon and orange peel

She didn`t say to do this but I added a cup of boiling water to sanitize things which I guess wasen`t really important in the end because we added the sanitizer stuff.
here it all is in the carboy waiting for yeast.
So anyway bye for now hope everyone is having a good day

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dandelion Wine

   Hello well I haven't really done a lot the last few days, I ended up having to go to emergency on Friday night as I was having pain in my stomach and back. So it turns out I have an infection so they gave me some antibiotics to take. So I was finally feeling better today and was itching to get outside, I've mostly just been sleeping the last couple days, so I decided go pick some dandelions to make wine, it felt really good to get out even if it was raining. So Ive got the first step on the go which is just to soak the dandelion petals in boiling water for 24 hours. I got the recipe at Root Simple. So I hope it turns out I guess it will be a year before I know for sure but anything good is worth waiting for. So anyway I've got a few appointments in the next few days but hopefully I'll get some things done.
Lucky me I get to take this happy blue fellow twice a day and the white one 3 times a day for 6 more days then I guess I'm supposed to be good as new. I've got to go for a couple tests though to make sure my insides are still where there supposed to be or something like that.

Here are the dandelions soaking away tomorrow I add the sugar, yeast and citrus peel and pop it in a carboy to ferment I think, my boyfriend was explaining all the processes and I got a bit lost about which step does what.
Well that's about it for me nothing to exiting, now I'll go see what all the other bloggers are up to.

Friday, April 20, 2012

More photos from my mother in laws

We're back home now but yesterday I went for a walk in the forest behind my mother in laws. It's quite a lovely mixture of garry oak, arbutus and douglas fir. It`s fun to see all the different plants that grow just a couple hour drive south. Anyway here are some more pictures I took hope you enjoy.
This is Baby cat he decided to come for a hike with me

We made it to the top by some miracle we dragged both our chubby butts up the monster hill without either of our hearts giving out on us. Baby doesn't really like to be held so I couldn't get him to look at the camera

We found a spot to sit for a few minutes to catch our breath and enjoy the view. Baby snuggled up beside me to get his back scratched.
 Now for some flowers
Broad leaved stone crop pretty soon it will be covered in bright yellow flowers there where quite a few buds on it.

chickweed monkey flower, the flowers on this guy are so tiny

small flowered blued-eyed mary another very cute little flower

small flowering woodland star

stream violet
 I don't know what these guys are I couldn't find them in my book
This sort of looks a bit like some type of forget me not but I'm not really sure

I don't have any idea what this could be
Here is Baby cat leading the way back down to the house

and here we are back home with Suki napping in one of his favorite spots. He's quite an old fellow now I'm not sure if he will be around to much longer he's gotten quite skinny and has taken to peeing and pooping on the floor around the house even when there are people around to let him out. I think the general consensus is that he has gotten senile in his old age he does act quite strange at times. Poor old Suki. 

The lovely view from the dinner table where I had some lunch, it's such a beautiful place to visit I do love the arbutus trees we don't get very many of them at our part of the island.
Well that's what I've been up to I have some pictures of the wildflowers growing around our place as well but my old hand me down computer finally croaked so I'll have to see if I can recover the photos off it and the one that croaked before it as well. I have finally sucked it up and bought a new lap top so it should be okay for a while. It drives me nuts how poorly built these things are. They cost a fortune and no matter how much I spend it seems like I'm lucky if it's a year before I begin to have problems and 3 years before it's entirely croaked on me.  I really don't treat them badly at all. Anyway sorry about the rant I just feel very strongly about the poor quality of electronics and many other things that seem as though they start to fall apart as soon as you take them out of the box, oh here I go again now I better go before I really get going on the subject.
 Goodbye all until next time have a great day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm just at my Mother in Laws for a couple days with my boyfriend. I went I took some pictures yesterday, the flowers are a bit further ahead here.
some lovely shooting star that grows all around the house

Fawn lillies back home the fawn lilies are just starting to get buds on them
 My boyfriend is working on cleaning out the work shed and these guys live just behind where the property where it's located.

This one was to shy to come over and say hello

This old girl came over to get her nose scratched and I fed her some grass, she didn't have any left in her pen. Poor thing has a sore on her neck ans her bum is all raw I wonder whats wrong with her.

These guys where in a pen behind the place where we had lunch along with a rooster some chickens and a turkey. It was a lot of fun watching the goats frolic with each other. 

Fused Plastic Make Up Bags

I made these zip up bags from fused plastic, I really like how they turned out.

I really like the kisses one

I didn't line them as I thought that unlined would make them easier to clean if you have a lipstick explosion.
My mum and I are working away at getting stuff ready to sell and I think we just about have enough. We are going to inquire at the local farmers market as I've heard you can get a table for a day there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Liebster Award

Well it seems I have gotten a Liebster Award From Sarah over at Fashion Brick Road, I'm quite honored I love Sarah's blog and never would have guessed she would have chosen me for an award, so thank you very much I feel very honored. Sometimes I'm sure I'm just rambling and no one could possibly be that interested (besides my gran of course) so it's nice to know someone out there finds my ramblings worthwhile.
    So I decided to look up what this Liebster Award was all about and here is what I found...
 So it seems it's of unknown origins.
   I actually got this award a a while back in January from another of my favorite bloggers Beauty and the Green who never fails to leave a comment and is a huge inspiration. I'd defiantly recommend checking out her lovely blog and especially her breathtaking jewlery and accessories.
   So anyway onto the rules and my picks

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  3. Copy/paste the blog award on your blog.
  4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs (with 200 followers or less).
  5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment. 
 Okey dokey now my picks
 Stuff You Can't Have
 Accidentally Wonderful
Goofing Off

So there we are now I just have to let them Know I've Chosen them and I do hope you enjoy my picks.

Gun Rugs for my Dad

My dad asked me if I could make a couple gun rugs for him to put his hand guns in when he takes them to the range, so I said I'd see what I could do. I ended up only doing the zipper part way around as I was having trouble getting it around the curve. My Dad says there is another guy that goes to the Sunday shoots that has a gun rug his wife made him so I'll tag along on Sunday and take a look to see how she did it.
       It's always fun going along I'll bring the boyfriend if he's around and some hot dogs to roast up for lunch and we can make a day of it. I'm sure the bf will have fun asking about all the different guns and I can go putter around in the woods and take some pictures (I've never been to interested in shooting).
Here is the first one I made, when I first took it over to show dad I hadn't stenciled it yet and he said it wasn't perdy enough so I made the stencil for it and he liked it but it was the wrong kind of gun (as if I can tell the difference they all look the same to me) the R.E.D. is his initials

I quilted the inside with 2 layers of batting

The zipper is kind of  wonky at the end

Here is the second one with the right kind of gun stenciled on it( a Ruger Black Hawk apparently just in case anyone was wondering)

The inside I just did the zip at the end on this one and we'll see which he likes better or if I'll be able to sew a zipper all the way round

My supervisor of course had to come over and check up on me.
So I'm glad I gave this a try I learned a lot and think I will be able to make improvements in the future. If anyone Knows of a good tutorial for how to sew a zipper in a curve I'd appreciate it very much I didn't find much when I searched. Or if anyone just has some advice I'd be tickled pink if you'd share.
   So anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Got a New Camera

Well this was actually my x-mas present, my mum said she would get me a camera with her airmiles it took me awhile to choose which one I wanted. I finally settled on the Canon G12 with the help of my Uncle, thank you by the way Uncle Gordon, I'm totally lost when it comes to these things. I went out and played around with it the other day. The macro is nice and it has more zoom than my old camera which is what I wanted I don't need crazy zoom or anything but my old one hardly had any. So anyway here are a few of the pictures I took..
My kitty of course


 I'm not sure what there names really are there food wagon has never been outside when I stop to visit them. They are so sweet and always run over to say hello. I was actually beginning to think they had moved, I hadn't seen them in a long time, so I was very happy to see them again. I think Blue is the alpha dog as he's always shoving poor Brown out of the way. Huskies and Labs are my favorite dogs.
I think these guys are getting ready to have some little goslings. I miss hanging out at a lake where I used to live that was just loaded with ducks around this time of year and all kinds of ducklings in the summer.

A trillium getting ready to flower

I'd like to find out what this mushroom is but I seem to have misplaced my field guide so I'm hoping it will turn up soon.

I love the patterns you find in dead trees

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Cat Mat and Storage Container

I decided I needed a new way to store the cats food so I used this idea here and I also just found a similar idea here . So I found a popcorn tin for $0.50 at a local thrift shop and got some chalk board paint and spray paint and got started.
      Then I decided I needed a new mat as well and after doing a search for a pet food mat on google I found this funky fish shaped mat here for a hefty price of $35.00  and remembered I had a small piece of blue vinyl I picked up at a second hand store that would be just perfect. So I sketched out a fish on newspaper and used repositionable adhesive to hold it onto my vinyl well I cut my shape out.
   So anywhere here is what I ended up with, I'll start with the before
not to pretty his food was stored in an old cat litter container, and the mat is not super pretty
    and here is the after
I like this much better. I think the colors are all okay together they're all in the blue/green family so I don't think they look weird together
I was originally just going to do a square of chalkboard paint on the front of the tin but after cutting out the mat I decided I wanted to do a fish to tie things together.

I love how this turned out, vinyl is so nice to work with you don't have to hem it and it can be easily wiped clean
Well the mat is Dante approved