Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Search for an Easter Bunny

Hmm I guess I haven't posted anything in a few days. I meant to post this one sooner but got distracted with this that and the other thing. Well anyway last week I decided to set out to find a bunny for my mum's Easter basket, I suppose Easter will be here before we know it, so I decided to head to a local farmers market where they sell pots and some cool garden ornaments but once I got there I found out it isn't open until Thursday this week, but I had a nice walk anyway and ended up going to a different local shop and found some cute bunnies there. So here are some photos.
    I met a few friends on my way out enjoying the little bit of sun we had that day
This fellow charged right up to me for some lovin, I picked him up and he climbed right onto my shoulder, I got a nice face full of cat in the process, A bit more affectionate than my cat.

This one didn't want to climb over the fence to see me but I gave him a scratch through the gate and he meowed away at me I think he may have wanted me to open the door and let him in.

This one was far to busy sun bathing to say hello

I really like the prayer flags they're so colorful and the rope garden is very cool.
prayer flags

rope garden

 Finally I got to Naesgaard's only to find it closed
Here I am

I love this little ram 

some of there pots they have a ton of colors.
So in the end I went to another little shop and found some cute little garden bunnies for the basket. So anyway here is what I came up with.
I got this pot for the basket and decided it needed a little something so I used a doily and here it is ready to be stenciled
I had to cut up the doily to make it fit around my pot then I sprayed with re-positional adhesive to hold it in place well I stenciled

and here it the basket all ready for the filling I had the green paper from a parcel my BF got and cut it in strips for the "grass" I whipped up the flowers with some scrap fabric and tucked a doily in to tie things together

The candy filling, we both love the malted robin egg candy and who doesn't love pop rocks.

The non edible filling, I picked up some seeds for the garden, a piece of cute ducky fabric for quilting, a bottom for the pot, and no Easter basket is complete without Easter bunnies so I found these cute garden decorations to go with the garden theme.

a close up of the bunnies all tucked in the basket

and here it is all put together
I think I'm pretty safe posting this on here my mum doesn't read my blog she only lives 2 houses away, so shes here pretty regularly and pretty well knows what I'm up to anyway. So it's not totally environmentally friendly but it's an improvement from past Easter baskets. Next year I'm thinking homemade candy possibly a homemade hollow chocolate bunny if I can find a mold and Easter egg shaped chocolates with ginger. I am pretty happy with it though my "basket" is reusable, the seeds will be used, my "grass" is recycled paper which can go in the recycle or compost bin and the flowers are made from scraps and can be used for the Easter center piece if she wants. The garden bunnies are plastic but won't go in the trash and where purchased from a local shop. My candy does have some trash I could have chosen better there but she really likes the robin eggs and pop rocks so I splurged there. All in all I think it turned out cute and I feel pretty good about it.

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  1. I love how the doily just adds such a delicate decorative touch to this pot. The pictures are beautiful too, the cats are adorable.......I felt that I was right there with you.