Thursday, March 15, 2012


My great Aunt Bubbles asked me to sew some pockets in a pair of pants for her so I said I'd give it a go as long as they weren't a favorite piece that she'd be upset about if I accidentally ruined, she said that was fine as she never wore them anyway without the pockets. I always give this sort of disclaimer when people ask me to do this sort of thing as I'm no expert and sometimes things don't work out for me, although I am getting better with practice, and I really don't want to destroy a favorite piece of someone's wardrobe. So I went ahead and I'm actually kind of impressed with how well I did. I'm always a bit shocked when something I make actually turns out. At this point things are working out more often than not it wasn't long ago that it was the other way round)
The pants and a button down shirt that I tried to turn into a skirt that I used for the pockets. The skirt was one of those projects I tried a few months ago that didn't turn out.

I made a pattern using my hand as a guide and cut out four pockets

and here they are all sewn in I doubled the seam I did one 5/8th of an inch in then I zig-zagged the edges, there's nothing I hate more than getting a hole in my pocket.

they don't look to bad nice and polished looking and my aunt seemed quite happy to.
   I also got my cd fish hung up as well and I think he looks quite nice.
I actually got him hung up a while back but haven't posted it yet. I'm just so happy with how he turned out. I keep stopping to admire him when I walk past.

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  1. I admire people who can sew like this....I am determined to learn. So far i can only sew curtains, pillow cases and very simple "straight stitch" simple projects. I hope to branch out soon though. I love fashion and have so many ideas!