Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mum's Birthday gift

I just got home from a party for my mums birthday and my cousin visiting from Alberta. It was very nice to see her. Anyway I thought I'd share my mum's gift with everyone.
I made here these earring because she liked the ones from this set   I made earlier. Fall colours are her favorite. She doesn't wear necklaces so I just went with the earrings.

I picked up this cute little guy at a local shop

I made this card from paper in my craft stash. I forgot to give him a tail.

Wrote my message in side

I went for some green wrapping with this cute owl fabric she can work into a quilt and an envelope made out of an old calender page, my cousin also mentioned wrapping with a tea or bath towel for the less crafty. The ribbon was a scrap from a previous project.
I also got a lovely bracelet from my cousin's daughter (I think that makes her my 2nd cousin I get confused). I hear she is quite the crafter, so thank you Skye I love my bracelet.
Made from the beaded car seat covers. Hmm My arm looks very hairy in this photo especially against my whiter than sour cream skin.

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  1. Lovely pieces, I love the card, it is so cute! I am sure your mom was happy to receive such thoughtful and beautiful gifts. The chunky bracelet is divine.