Thursday, March 15, 2012


My mum and are thinking of trying to sell some of our things we are going to start with craft fairs around town and eventually would like to try Etsy. So anyway we have been working away to get some things made.The jewelry below is made from old jewelry I thrifted at garage sales and some new stuff from my stash, the earring findings are all new just because I am planning on selling and felt more comfortable using new. Not that I think there is a problem with recycling them I wear second hand earrings all the time I just make sure to clean them with alcohol or peroxide. I find the coolest earrings at second hand stores.
The chain, closure and glass beads are thrifted and the sea shell beads where out of my stash.

This one is thrifted chain and closure again and the beads are from my stash

I love this flower bead

I got these bobbles out of a bag f old broken jewelry,  findings, and clip ons. The metal do dads came in the package I glued them to the beads with E6000 and it seems to be a very good hold. I really love these ones and decided to keep them.

These were in the package with the above I did the same thing with them.

These where a necklace I took apart that I just didn't like as a necklace.

I'm not sure where the silver things came from they've been kicking around at my mums for a long time. The beads have been kicking around in my stash for a few years to I don't know where they came from

These where on a necklace that I just couldn't figure out, I don't know how you where supposed to wear it. So I salvaged the chain for another project and made these into earrings.

This is a necklace made from paper beads I took a picture of the whole thing but it didn't turn out but it's just a long string so you get the idea. The beads glass and wood beads are thrifted

These where clip ons one of which the back was already broken off of so I broke the back of the other dremmeled them both down and glued a back on I think I'll keep these as well I don't have a pair of green earrings.

Another set like the ones above somewhere only the silver thing is only on the top

Another set of clip ons that I converted to regular earrings. I think they kind of have a vintage look to them.

former clip ons again. One of them was missing a rhinestone but I found one in my bag of salvaged rhinestones that matched. I actually popped them all out, which was way to easy it always is, and glued them all in better

One of these was already broken so I popped the back of and converted them.

This is made from a necklace I thrifted

Converted clip ons again
Well thats it for jewelery we have some other projects that need finishing so those will hopefully be completed soon. We have some fused plastic  grocery bags and some ring bearer pillows that just need some finishing touches.
   More fused plastic videos:
                 etsy fused plastic bags
                 fused plastic messanger bag from make magazine.
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these are only a few there are 100's of videos with loads of fun projects.

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  1. Wow! yay,I knew you could do this, congrats! All are lovely pieces but my favorite is the silver chain earrings. They are cool and modern looking. I also like the little transparent pair beside it in the picture. Those are gorgeous, feminine and very dainty.