Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garage Sales and the Saterday Morning Farmers market.

Mum and I decided to go to a few garage sales on Saturday we didn't find much but we went to the thrift stores and the Saturday morning Farmers Market at the harbor. We got some lunch at a local cafe and then headed for home.  It was quite a lovely day and we actually got to sit outside and soak up a little vitamin D.
I picked up this shampoo bar from a local seller at the market it smells wonderful and cost 4.50 ,or he had a 3 for 12.00 deal which included the regular soaps. I'm exited to test it out. I wanted to make my own soap but I just can't find the lye anywhere. With all the lovely soaps at the market though I may just buy there.
We watched these 2 little birds flitting in and out of this light with bits of moss and sticks they're making there nest on top of the light.

This fellow is all decked out for Easter. I look like maneki neko again in this photo. I look like my eyes are shut when I smile for photos my mum does the same thing.

Some pretty blossoms

How much is that doggy in the window. These guys are so cute although you can't really see the brown one.
     I did pick up a popcorn tin at a second hand store and a few other nice square tins and I would like to do this project here with the popcorn tin and make some canisters for the pantry with the square tins. I'm going to use some chalk board paint to make erasable labels, I've wanted a chalk board paint project for a while now and I think this is just the ticket. I actually took them out the other day and got the primer and one coat of paint on them so I'll have to wait for another sunny day to put one more coat on them. I forgot to take before pics yet again but you get the idea I'll let you know how it goes when I'm finished, it could be awhile it was pretty miserable today.

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