Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fused Plastic Bags

I finally got my fused plastic shopping bags done they've needed to be finished for about a month now.
My bag of fused plastic all ready to be patched together
my mum came over and she laid the pieces out on a piece of paper cut to our pattern size
and I sewed them together and these pieces have been sitting for a month waiting to be made into bags
The straps where belts that I wore as a teen they've been sitting at my mums for a while now and we decided they'd make perfect handles.

We made 4 all together.
These are a bit of a pain to make but I think once we get onto it it will be okay. They are really nice bags I had three I made a year and a half ago that just recently wore out. I was pretty rough on them and used them constantly to carry my groceries home. I also put them in the washing machine which I think is what ruined them in the end it just beats them around to much. So in the future I think I'll hand wash. We are going to try and sell these ones though once we have some more stuff together.

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