Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun ways to make easter a little greener

The easter Bunny will be here before we know it So I have been looking for Easter basket ideas and have found so many fun things to try. My mum and I always make an Easter gift for each other. I'll share a few of the ideas I found with you. I've started working on my mum's basket and will share it with you when it's finished. Anyway here is what I found.
 green up your easter basket
  I really like the tip in this video about buying your treats at your local bakery or chocolate shop, not only are you going to get some very yummy chocolate you'll be supporting a local business as well.
 upcycled candle holder into mini easter basket
 paper candy pouch
 cool recycled basket and decor ideas
These are some very cool basket and decor ideas
living grass easter basket
I love this idea how cool would it be to be the kid who finds this cool Easter basket filled with treats on Easter morning.
natural dyed easter eggs
This is a great curbly video for dying Easter eggs using natural dyes
make a hollow chocolate easter bunny
no-bake birds nest cookies
custom choclate bunny
sweet treats for your easter basket
 more easter candy recipies
and finally the most important part of any easter basket the treats. Consider making your own it's easier than most people think to make candy and it can be a lot of fun if you get together with someone else.
   Well I hope everyone else has as much fun with there Easter baskets as I'm having making my mums.

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