Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diaper Cake Gift

My cousin in law and his wife just had a baby girl that they've named Lilly so my mum and I put a gift together. There is a lot of yellow because we didn't now if it was a boy or girl when we started collecting up our stuff. We added in some pink details though.
here it is all together

They have a brown dog so we found this guy for the topper

my mum had these little pictures done up so we popped them in

little pony

more brown dogs

all wrapped up we used a blanket so they could use the wrapping

and we also wrapped a quilt up to give them. My mum makes such lovely quilts and they are always well received.
a close up

and another close up so cute
We had so much fun putting it all together. We made the hot air balloon gift  back in July for my sister in law. Baby gifts are so much fun.

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  1. You know I love your blog so when I was tagged in "blog tag" I thought of you immediately. Lol, sorry but you're it now! check out the details and rules of the game at

    Great post, this makes me ALMOST want a baby. Super cute stuff and so creative.