Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cookies and a Paris Dog

Well It's 11:30 at night and I can't seem to sleep so I made some cookies using this recipe here because isn't baking cookies just what everyone does at 12 at night when they can't sleep.My boyfriend will be happy when he wakes up to go to work in the morning he loves ginger cookies.
Anyway we had some excitement here a couple nights ago. Yet again I was having trouble sleeping and was just starting to dose off on the coach when I heard the most horrible sound outside. I thought it was a cat fight at first and ran out to break it up, but it was 3 raccoons, one ran off right away but there where 2 fighting (or rather one being attacked by another) a big one on top of a smaller one and they didn't stop until I was practically on top of them. The poor fellow on the bottom was shrieking and after the big one biting him ran off he was very slow to get up and limp away his leg looked very badly bitten, I don't know if the poor thing will make it.  I nearly bent down and tried to help him before I realized I was approaching a badly hurt wild animal and not a house cat, I did want so badly to help but I guess there isn't much to do but let nature take it's course.
    As if the raccoons weren't enough we had the neighbor dog Paris, who is always loose, come over and chase the 2 healthy ones before she tried the hurt one, I guess she expected him to run like the others but being hurt he wasn't doing much running and instead turned round and gave an awful growl. Paris stopped dead in her tracks and ran on home, I'm just glad she didn't get hurt to.
  When I first went out there and all I could see was a big ball of fur I thought the big racoon had Dante underneath him squealing away, they do sound a lot like cats when they fight. Lucky for Dante and I though he was just fine and came tapping at the window to be let in about an hour after it all settled down.
Paris, she came for a visit the day after.She's a very sweet dog. I think here people did try to keep her in at one point but I gather she's quite the escape artist

She's trying to get me to play, she's not much for being petted she just wants to be chased.
Well I suppose I should try going to bed again and hopefully I'll have better luck this time.
Goodnight Everyone.

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  1. The cookies looks so delicious and what a night you had! Glad you you did not get bitten by the raccoon. Poor animal.