Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yummy Avacado Smoothie

I decided I finally had to try an avocado smoothie. I've seen it a few times now and keep reading how delicious it is so I gave it a try with this recipe here and I have to say it's really good. It's a bit strange at first but then it's really good just like Evange describes it here. So if you like avocados give it a go it's really good.
Not a great picture I made this for dessert so it's dark
 There is a vegan alternative in the comment section below the recipe where she uses almond milk instead if dairy milk and a banana as sweetener instead of honey and there are lots of other great ideas as well.
   There are some other recipes as well
      coconut avacado smoothie
     This guy says he freezes this and eats it like ice cream, sounds good.
    avocado energy booster
   Hmm she uses maple syrup as sweetener here now that sounds delightful
   filipino avocado milkshake
   Now this one is a milkshake with ice cream sounds like a nice treat.

I think I'm going to have fun playing around with this simple recipe, let me know if you try this or any of the other recipes or if you have your own. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have to make this even more delicious. I wonder if cinnamon or cardamon would be good in this or if it would be weird with the avocado.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fused Plastic Bags

I finally got my fused plastic shopping bags done they've needed to be finished for about a month now.
My bag of fused plastic all ready to be patched together
my mum came over and she laid the pieces out on a piece of paper cut to our pattern size
and I sewed them together and these pieces have been sitting for a month waiting to be made into bags
The straps where belts that I wore as a teen they've been sitting at my mums for a while now and we decided they'd make perfect handles.

We made 4 all together.
These are a bit of a pain to make but I think once we get onto it it will be okay. They are really nice bags I had three I made a year and a half ago that just recently wore out. I was pretty rough on them and used them constantly to carry my groceries home. I also put them in the washing machine which I think is what ruined them in the end it just beats them around to much. So in the future I think I'll hand wash. We are going to try and sell these ones though once we have some more stuff together.

Garage Sales and the Saterday Morning Farmers market.

Mum and I decided to go to a few garage sales on Saturday we didn't find much but we went to the thrift stores and the Saturday morning Farmers Market at the harbor. We got some lunch at a local cafe and then headed for home.  It was quite a lovely day and we actually got to sit outside and soak up a little vitamin D.
I picked up this shampoo bar from a local seller at the market it smells wonderful and cost 4.50 ,or he had a 3 for 12.00 deal which included the regular soaps. I'm exited to test it out. I wanted to make my own soap but I just can't find the lye anywhere. With all the lovely soaps at the market though I may just buy there.
We watched these 2 little birds flitting in and out of this light with bits of moss and sticks they're making there nest on top of the light.

This fellow is all decked out for Easter. I look like maneki neko again in this photo. I look like my eyes are shut when I smile for photos my mum does the same thing.

Some pretty blossoms

How much is that doggy in the window. These guys are so cute although you can't really see the brown one.
     I did pick up a popcorn tin at a second hand store and a few other nice square tins and I would like to do this project here with the popcorn tin and make some canisters for the pantry with the square tins. I'm going to use some chalk board paint to make erasable labels, I've wanted a chalk board paint project for a while now and I think this is just the ticket. I actually took them out the other day and got the primer and one coat of paint on them so I'll have to wait for another sunny day to put one more coat on them. I forgot to take before pics yet again but you get the idea I'll let you know how it goes when I'm finished, it could be awhile it was pretty miserable today.

Search for an Easter Bunny

Hmm I guess I haven't posted anything in a few days. I meant to post this one sooner but got distracted with this that and the other thing. Well anyway last week I decided to set out to find a bunny for my mum's Easter basket, I suppose Easter will be here before we know it, so I decided to head to a local farmers market where they sell pots and some cool garden ornaments but once I got there I found out it isn't open until Thursday this week, but I had a nice walk anyway and ended up going to a different local shop and found some cute bunnies there. So here are some photos.
    I met a few friends on my way out enjoying the little bit of sun we had that day
This fellow charged right up to me for some lovin, I picked him up and he climbed right onto my shoulder, I got a nice face full of cat in the process, A bit more affectionate than my cat.

This one didn't want to climb over the fence to see me but I gave him a scratch through the gate and he meowed away at me I think he may have wanted me to open the door and let him in.

This one was far to busy sun bathing to say hello

I really like the prayer flags they're so colorful and the rope garden is very cool.
prayer flags

rope garden

 Finally I got to Naesgaard's only to find it closed
Here I am

I love this little ram 

some of there pots they have a ton of colors.
So in the end I went to another little shop and found some cute little garden bunnies for the basket. So anyway here is what I came up with.
I got this pot for the basket and decided it needed a little something so I used a doily and here it is ready to be stenciled
I had to cut up the doily to make it fit around my pot then I sprayed with re-positional adhesive to hold it in place well I stenciled

and here it the basket all ready for the filling I had the green paper from a parcel my BF got and cut it in strips for the "grass" I whipped up the flowers with some scrap fabric and tucked a doily in to tie things together

The candy filling, we both love the malted robin egg candy and who doesn't love pop rocks.

The non edible filling, I picked up some seeds for the garden, a piece of cute ducky fabric for quilting, a bottom for the pot, and no Easter basket is complete without Easter bunnies so I found these cute garden decorations to go with the garden theme.

a close up of the bunnies all tucked in the basket

and here it is all put together
I think I'm pretty safe posting this on here my mum doesn't read my blog she only lives 2 houses away, so shes here pretty regularly and pretty well knows what I'm up to anyway. So it's not totally environmentally friendly but it's an improvement from past Easter baskets. Next year I'm thinking homemade candy possibly a homemade hollow chocolate bunny if I can find a mold and Easter egg shaped chocolates with ginger. I am pretty happy with it though my "basket" is reusable, the seeds will be used, my "grass" is recycled paper which can go in the recycle or compost bin and the flowers are made from scraps and can be used for the Easter center piece if she wants. The garden bunnies are plastic but won't go in the trash and where purchased from a local shop. My candy does have some trash I could have chosen better there but she really likes the robin eggs and pop rocks so I splurged there. All in all I think it turned out cute and I feel pretty good about it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mum's Birthday gift

I just got home from a party for my mums birthday and my cousin visiting from Alberta. It was very nice to see her. Anyway I thought I'd share my mum's gift with everyone.
I made here these earring because she liked the ones from this set   I made earlier. Fall colours are her favorite. She doesn't wear necklaces so I just went with the earrings.

I picked up this cute little guy at a local shop

I made this card from paper in my craft stash. I forgot to give him a tail.

Wrote my message in side

I went for some green wrapping with this cute owl fabric she can work into a quilt and an envelope made out of an old calender page, my cousin also mentioned wrapping with a tea or bath towel for the less crafty. The ribbon was a scrap from a previous project.
I also got a lovely bracelet from my cousin's daughter (I think that makes her my 2nd cousin I get confused). I hear she is quite the crafter, so thank you Skye I love my bracelet.
Made from the beaded car seat covers. Hmm My arm looks very hairy in this photo especially against my whiter than sour cream skin.

Cookies and a Paris Dog

Well It's 11:30 at night and I can't seem to sleep so I made some cookies using this recipe here because isn't baking cookies just what everyone does at 12 at night when they can't sleep.My boyfriend will be happy when he wakes up to go to work in the morning he loves ginger cookies.
Anyway we had some excitement here a couple nights ago. Yet again I was having trouble sleeping and was just starting to dose off on the coach when I heard the most horrible sound outside. I thought it was a cat fight at first and ran out to break it up, but it was 3 raccoons, one ran off right away but there where 2 fighting (or rather one being attacked by another) a big one on top of a smaller one and they didn't stop until I was practically on top of them. The poor fellow on the bottom was shrieking and after the big one biting him ran off he was very slow to get up and limp away his leg looked very badly bitten, I don't know if the poor thing will make it.  I nearly bent down and tried to help him before I realized I was approaching a badly hurt wild animal and not a house cat, I did want so badly to help but I guess there isn't much to do but let nature take it's course.
    As if the raccoons weren't enough we had the neighbor dog Paris, who is always loose, come over and chase the 2 healthy ones before she tried the hurt one, I guess she expected him to run like the others but being hurt he wasn't doing much running and instead turned round and gave an awful growl. Paris stopped dead in her tracks and ran on home, I'm just glad she didn't get hurt to.
  When I first went out there and all I could see was a big ball of fur I thought the big racoon had Dante underneath him squealing away, they do sound a lot like cats when they fight. Lucky for Dante and I though he was just fine and came tapping at the window to be let in about an hour after it all settled down.
Paris, she came for a visit the day after.She's a very sweet dog. I think here people did try to keep her in at one point but I gather she's quite the escape artist

She's trying to get me to play, she's not much for being petted she just wants to be chased.
Well I suppose I should try going to bed again and hopefully I'll have better luck this time.
Goodnight Everyone.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun ways to make easter a little greener

The easter Bunny will be here before we know it So I have been looking for Easter basket ideas and have found so many fun things to try. My mum and I always make an Easter gift for each other. I'll share a few of the ideas I found with you. I've started working on my mum's basket and will share it with you when it's finished. Anyway here is what I found.
 green up your easter basket
  I really like the tip in this video about buying your treats at your local bakery or chocolate shop, not only are you going to get some very yummy chocolate you'll be supporting a local business as well.
 upcycled candle holder into mini easter basket
 paper candy pouch
 cool recycled basket and decor ideas
These are some very cool basket and decor ideas
living grass easter basket
I love this idea how cool would it be to be the kid who finds this cool Easter basket filled with treats on Easter morning.
natural dyed easter eggs
This is a great curbly video for dying Easter eggs using natural dyes
make a hollow chocolate easter bunny
no-bake birds nest cookies
custom choclate bunny
sweet treats for your easter basket
 more easter candy recipies
and finally the most important part of any easter basket the treats. Consider making your own it's easier than most people think to make candy and it can be a lot of fun if you get together with someone else.
   Well I hope everyone else has as much fun with there Easter baskets as I'm having making my mums.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


My mum and are thinking of trying to sell some of our things we are going to start with craft fairs around town and eventually would like to try Etsy. So anyway we have been working away to get some things made.The jewelry below is made from old jewelry I thrifted at garage sales and some new stuff from my stash, the earring findings are all new just because I am planning on selling and felt more comfortable using new. Not that I think there is a problem with recycling them I wear second hand earrings all the time I just make sure to clean them with alcohol or peroxide. I find the coolest earrings at second hand stores.
The chain, closure and glass beads are thrifted and the sea shell beads where out of my stash.

This one is thrifted chain and closure again and the beads are from my stash

I love this flower bead

I got these bobbles out of a bag f old broken jewelry,  findings, and clip ons. The metal do dads came in the package I glued them to the beads with E6000 and it seems to be a very good hold. I really love these ones and decided to keep them.

These were in the package with the above I did the same thing with them.

These where a necklace I took apart that I just didn't like as a necklace.

I'm not sure where the silver things came from they've been kicking around at my mums for a long time. The beads have been kicking around in my stash for a few years to I don't know where they came from

These where on a necklace that I just couldn't figure out, I don't know how you where supposed to wear it. So I salvaged the chain for another project and made these into earrings.

This is a necklace made from paper beads I took a picture of the whole thing but it didn't turn out but it's just a long string so you get the idea. The beads glass and wood beads are thrifted

These where clip ons one of which the back was already broken off of so I broke the back of the other dremmeled them both down and glued a back on I think I'll keep these as well I don't have a pair of green earrings.

Another set like the ones above somewhere only the silver thing is only on the top

Another set of clip ons that I converted to regular earrings. I think they kind of have a vintage look to them.

former clip ons again. One of them was missing a rhinestone but I found one in my bag of salvaged rhinestones that matched. I actually popped them all out, which was way to easy it always is, and glued them all in better

One of these was already broken so I popped the back of and converted them.

This is made from a necklace I thrifted

Converted clip ons again
Well thats it for jewelery we have some other projects that need finishing so those will hopefully be completed soon. We have some fused plastic  grocery bags and some ring bearer pillows that just need some finishing touches.
   More fused plastic videos:
                 etsy fused plastic bags
                 fused plastic messanger bag from make magazine.
                 fused flowers
these are only a few there are 100's of videos with loads of fun projects.