Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quilts and cats and things

 I went to my Grandma's the other day with my mum. My mum was going over to help my gran put up a quilt so I got a few pictures. It's a lovely quilt my mum made the top.

here is the quilt all ready to be quilted

I was tired so I crawled underneath the quilt well they where putting it up to take a nap, I thought it looked so pretty underneath with the light shining through so I took a picture.

I took a close up of some of the squares I love the butterfly one

I like the hexagon and chicken feathers.

I love the rainbow piece

This is Bootsie she is my Gran's neighbors kitty cat. He also has a huge golden lab named Diesel.

I got a visit the other night from a neighborhood cat that I have named Sylvester. I went out and gave him some pats and some nibbles.  When he first came over my cat Dante was in the bedroom but he decided to come out and was not impressed to see me outside patting some other cat. Especially when Sylvester seems to be Dante's rival, I'm fairly sure that Sylvester is the cat who probably bit Dante on his bum a while back. Dante got very sick we had to take him to the vet. Oh dear why can't they all just get along
Sylvester having some nibbles

uh oh that is a mad kitty cat

 I photographed this mosaic yesterday outside the museum and Library at our local community center. I think it's just gorgeous.

Wow  Beautiful 


  1. You have a dilemma, Dante does not appear to be enjoying the new developments.

  2. no he was not a all happy to wander out of the bedroom to see me petting another cat.