Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing around with acrylic paint

Well every now and again I get out my paint and give painting a go if only to remind myself why I don't do it more often.
I tried to paint a lunar moth wing.

A henna design I used various henna painting tutorials. Painting henna flowers is very simple if you can doodle you can paint henna flowers
 Of course I got paint on myself will I ever learn to wear old cloths around paint. I swear paint, dirt, flour and dish water are magnetically attracted to me.
paint on my pants
 So I searched the net and found this tutorial on removing paint from clothing and it worked great.
After I gave it a spin in the washing machine the paint was gone completely.


  1. Ooo love the henna painting, that would look good hung up on the wall.
    I like to paint too but not as often as I should, i find it a good way to relax too!!

  2. These are beautiful. I am in my old pants that I use to paint in right now. It is covered in paint so i am so happy to check out the tutorial so I can learn how to get paint off my cloths. I ruined my share of clothing in the past with paint. Great post.