Friday, February 3, 2012

CD, Tin Can, and Paper Mache Fishy

I had a ton of old cds that I didn't know what to do with so I did some browsing and found this fellow here, this guy here and this guy here. I knew I just had to have one of my own so I did some thinking and a little more thinking then thought some more and finally decided to just go for it. So here is what I came up with and have been working on for the last couple weeks.
So here he is

a close up of the head
If anyone is interested here is my process. Now I won't call this a tutorial but if anyone wants to give this a try I hope it will be somewhat useful.
I made a cardboard template
So I used tin cans for the fins and used this tutorial here to get an idea of how to cut the tin can
I traced the fin shape out on the tin and cut it out. I used more than one piece for the tail and a couple of the fins.

I cut my shape out with the tin snips and then cut notches so I could fold the tin over on the corners

I folded over the edges and then pounded it with a hammer to flatten things out

glued the fins down and clamped them with cloths pins

started gluing down the "scales"
as I moved further up the fish I needed to weight down the "scales" as I couldn't clamp them with the cloths pins. I did one row at a time and let the glue dry really well.

half way done

finally done the scales
Now it's time to work on the head. I decided to do paper mache
I got my frame ready using corrugated cardboard and a bottle cap for the eye

covered it in paper mache and let it all dry

gave it a paint

and glued it onto the fish and weighted it down with tin cans well it dried. I used E6000 glue by the way.
To cut the cds you need to heat them up first, I did this by dropping them into a pot of water I'd just boiled on the stove then took them out with a grabber thing and cut them into quarters with scissors.

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  1. Wow, what a neat project. I luv it! Where are you going to put it?