Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring is on it's way

I went and had a peek at my mums garden a couple days ago and there's lots of leaves and shoots popping up so spring must be on it's way. I pruned my herbs as the new shoots where coming up under the dead stuff.
This little Buddha has been in our garden a long time and I love how the moss is growing on him.

He looks so peaceful. It also looks like Ill have to start pulling weeds soon.

some bulbs coming up


lemon balm



Another weed, they of course never fail come back, pepper grass it's quite tasty in salad.


our rhubarb is starting to show itself

some leaves on a rose

snowdrops again
It'll be time to get out there and start weeding and get some vegetables planted before I know it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow Drops

Well spring must be on it's way the snow drops are popping up everywhere.
Here are a few photos my boyfriend has taken when he's out fishing
I love this one it makes me feel so calm

Cherry Blossom Light

 I made some cherry blossom lights as Christmas gifts this year for my grandma and aunts. I thought I posted them but I guess I never did as I can't seem to find the photos in my blog and the originals photos are on my old computer that croaked. Anyway my aunt's caregiver was over at her house and asked if I would make her one, so I did and here it is.

I got the idea for these a while back here I just love how it turned out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some more pictures

These are some more old pictures from a trip we took down to Ucluelet.
yellow monkey flower mimulus guttatus

red columbine aquilegia formosa

not sure what this is but it's pretty

common red paintbrush castilleja miniata

candy flower claytonia sibirica

cooley's hedge-nettle stachys cooleyae

candy flower agian

self heal prunella vulgaris

silverweed potentilla anserina

blue eyed grass sisyrinchium idahoense

yarrow achillea millefolium

yellow flag iris an invasive species

glass wort I'm not sure what kind

bee on a red clover flower

bee on a himalayan blackberry flower another invasive plant

nootka rose rosa nutkana

these bugs are so fascinating

fireweed epilobium angustifolium

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pictures from the old place

I was looking through some pictures on my computer from our old place in Victoria and thought I'd share some

This is our previous cat Burrito who unfortunately is no longer with us