Monday, January 16, 2012


It's been snowing on and off the last couple days so I decided to go for a walk and get some pictures.
Not much snow got through the trees

but there was some on the unsheltered parts of the trail.

Methuselah's Beard (Usnea Longissima)

the frost and snow was starting to melt where the sun was shining

I thought the ice on this cobweb looked so pretty. I'm not sure what the lichen is or it may be a moss, I couldn't find it in my books, it's quite pretty though I love the colour.

I liked how the snow looked on these branches

Coastal Reindeer (Cladina Portentosa)
Lipstick Cladonia (Cladonia Macilenta)
Jellied False Coral (Tremellodendron pallidum)
Yellow Tuning Fork (Calocera Viscosa)

Tickertape Bone (Hypogymnia Duplicata)

Our cats not to impressed with the snow he keeps going out and coming right back in again. He's spending a lot of time staring longingly out the window.