Friday, January 13, 2012

Octopus Sweater

I picked up a navy and white stripped sweater at Marks Work Warehouse the other day from the sales rack. They always have some great deals on there sales rack as they get new stock regularly. Whenever I see something I like I now if I wait it will be on sale soon. Anyways I originally was thinking of stenciling an anchor on it in silver but soon decided to make an octopus stencil instead. So here it is..
I really like pink and blue together and love the punch of colour it adds. I did muck up a bit on the stencil, on the left there should be more detail in that arm but I accidentally made an island and didn't notice until it was to late. I'm a bit disappointed but oh well he still turned out okay.

a bit of a close up

another close up

and here it is on the sweater
I've loved octopuses ever since my parents took me to the undersea gardens when I was very young. One of the first memories from my childhood is the great big octopus with all his tentacles hanging onto the glass on the aquarium and studying all the suckers and his big mouth.
    I told my mum that the other day and she said she remembers having to drag me away from that octopus when it was time to go every time we went there.

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  1. Looks like it was purchased that way. What a cute blouse, very chic!!