Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art Around Town and Stuff

Well I've gotten a few pictures the last few days on my walks around town of different art work I've seen. So here it is.
This cute bear stencil was on the side of a local strip mall

Someone painted this graffiti art on a bridge at a local park

Other side of the bridge I love the flowers

I seen this cute frog made out of cement when I cut through a parking lot for a local apartment complex, I just love his face he's adorable
 The photos below are taken at an empty lot where several people from the neighborhood have gotten together and made a really lovely spot for people to get together and have picnics, play games and whatever.
I love this lighthouse it took me a moment to realize it's made out of flower pots

a close up of the door

i love this driftwood piece

a close up

Some of the seating there are also lots of benches and games set up. There's checkers, chess, snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers and a fire pit. It's just a lovely spot to hang out and I defiantly think I'll be going there for picnics this summer.
Here are a couple other pictures I took today when I went out for a wallk. It was gorgeous out today the sun was shining, which is rare here in the winter it's usually very gray and overcast.

Mt.Arrowsmith, it looked just gorgeous today all covered in snow with the blue sky behind it

I visited with these 2 adorable cats I met in my wanders. The tabby was a bit shy but the orange guy was very lovey and had a very nice visit with me. You can't see it in the photo here but the tabby had the most gorgeous orange swirls mixed in with the brown on his sides. 

I've got a few projects on the go at the moment that I'll post as I finish but there all taking a bit of time so I'm not sure when they'll be done. I've got to sew curtains for my sister i law (they were supposed to be her x-mas gift but I ran into a couple snags), I'm attempting to make a combo cork, dry erase magnet and pocket board and I've got some t-shirt decorating projects in the workings.

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  1. I love the grafetti, the light house is my favorite though. Great post!

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