Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Last Day in the Snow

These pictures are from Thursday our last snow day before it turned to rain. We rarely get powdery snow here it just doesn't normally get cold enough. Usually when it snows here we get a day of large wet flakes that turns to slush the next day.  It's been raining the last few days and turning the snow into a wet slushy mess it's just about washed away now. Anyway these are some pictures I took when I went out on Thursday.
I spotted these 2 geese in someones back yard I have read that if one goose is wounded or sick another goose will often stay with it until it dies or is able to fly on.
 Here is an exert I found on the subject from this web sight...
 "Geese have strong affections for others in their group. If a goose gets sick or is wounded, a couple of other geese may drop out of formation to help and protect him. They will try to stay with the disabled goose until he dies or is able to fly again. They will then either fly together or join another formation to catch up with their group."
   It's pretty amazing the bonds that can form between different animals.
I took a picture of this flag to show how windy it was, it was such a cold wind to. I'm glad I made sure to bundle up before I went out.

I love how the powdery snow is so sparkly and looks so clean and fresh.

My camera doesn't have a ton of zoom on it but I just couldn't resit at least trying to capture some bird photos.

I loved this chubby little fellow

I thought this turned out okay, I loved how the snow looked covering all the trees and plants

I decided to wander down to the marina and see how it all looked in the snow
 I photographed some murals on the side of a building that I thought where quite lovely.
I love the design on this bear

I love how the mountains are painted in this mural.

This one makes me smile the fish are so cute

This one is nice as well

I loved this turtle I just had to take a close up

 I took some pictures of the water as well. I attempted some duck photos as well but I didn't post them as the ducks look so small and far away. I love ducks.
A photo of the water you can't see any snow on these trees

I thought the slush on top of the water looked so neat
Here are the boats and docks. Not very many boats left in the water this time of year.
Anyway I did enjoy how beautiful the snow looked and the nice bright sunshine but it was a bit to cold for me. It is sort of nice to have things back to normal except that it is so gray and dark out again. I guess we can't have it all ways though can we.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Embroidered "Jewel" T-shirt

I got this shirt on the sale rack at Marks Work Warehouse a while back and was browsing ideas for embellishing t-shirts when I came across this tutorial  from Sew it All TV. So I decided to apply it to my shirt and here it is.
I'm a bit off center I think my boyfriend was tired

a close up

I think it turned out pretty cool. Sewing on stretch is a bit different than sewing on non-stretch and the sight doesn't really give much advice (unless I'm missing something) so if anyone wants any tips or a tutorial let me know and I'll do my best to put something together.

Stenciled T-Shirts

I stenciled a couple T-Shirts. I made the Dalia llama stencil a while back and was thinkning of painting it in yellow on the red shirt but in the end went for black. The other shirt is stamped with vaious circular stamps and things from around the house.

Simplicity Amazing Fit 1941

I sewed this button down shirt for the trip to the Dominican as well. I love the amazing fit patterns and am trying to work up the courage and enthusiasm to try sewing a pair of pants from the series. Anyway here it is.
I think the sleeves are a little to puffy and it could be a bit longer for me but not bad. I'll post a review at .patternreview.com

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2215

Well I'm a bit late in posting this I posted  View C here in an older post. So this is the dress I wore to my sister in law's wedding in the Dominican Republic back in November. I didn't actually end up getting a photo of in at the wedding and finally got the boyfriend to get a photo of it. I will do a full review at patternreview.com
I think it turned out pretty well and I just love the pockets

Monday, January 16, 2012


I was feeling restless yesterday so I decided to walk down to the harbor to visit my boyfriend he's busy doing a refit on a fishing boat. When I got there the docks where pretty icy so I it took so effort to get myself to actually get myself to the boat. I slipped a bit once but I made it without plunging into the icy cold ocean so I guess I done good.

It was such a nice clear day



It's been snowing on and off the last couple days so I decided to go for a walk and get some pictures.
Not much snow got through the trees

but there was some on the unsheltered parts of the trail.

Methuselah's Beard (Usnea Longissima)

the frost and snow was starting to melt where the sun was shining

I thought the ice on this cobweb looked so pretty. I'm not sure what the lichen is or it may be a moss, I couldn't find it in my books, it's quite pretty though I love the colour.

I liked how the snow looked on these branches

Coastal Reindeer (Cladina Portentosa)
Lipstick Cladonia (Cladonia Macilenta)
Jellied False Coral (Tremellodendron pallidum)
Yellow Tuning Fork (Calocera Viscosa)

Tickertape Bone (Hypogymnia Duplicata)

Our cats not to impressed with the snow he keeps going out and coming right back in again. He's spending a lot of time staring longingly out the window.

Stream of Dreams Project

I've been seeing these fish murals decorating fences around schools all over Vancouver Island and decided to finally find out what they where all about. I found out it is the called the stream of dreams project. I love anything that gets kids involved in the importance of protecting there local ecosystems. Anyway here are a few pictures I took.
here are the fish along the fence

stream of dreams sign

I took a close up of some of my favorites

this one is very neat I like the eye

cute little flowers

I thought the whale was so cute

very neat scenery painting

I love the swirls

and a thank you to all the local businesses that supported the project

Friday, January 13, 2012

Octopus Sweater

I picked up a navy and white stripped sweater at Marks Work Warehouse the other day from the sales rack. They always have some great deals on there sales rack as they get new stock regularly. Whenever I see something I like I now if I wait it will be on sale soon. Anyways I originally was thinking of stenciling an anchor on it in silver but soon decided to make an octopus stencil instead. So here it is..
I really like pink and blue together and love the punch of colour it adds. I did muck up a bit on the stencil, on the left there should be more detail in that arm but I accidentally made an island and didn't notice until it was to late. I'm a bit disappointed but oh well he still turned out okay.

a bit of a close up

another close up

and here it is on the sweater
I've loved octopuses ever since my parents took me to the undersea gardens when I was very young. One of the first memories from my childhood is the great big octopus with all his tentacles hanging onto the glass on the aquarium and studying all the suckers and his big mouth.
    I told my mum that the other day and she said she remembers having to drag me away from that octopus when it was time to go every time we went there.