Friday, December 9, 2011

Some skirts I sewed for the trip

Before I left I sewed up some skirts to wear as I didn't really have very many that still fit well so here they are.
Teared polka dot skirt. I just raelized my eyes look closed in this pic I do that when I smile in pics for some reason, I look like lucky cat
 So for this skirt I kind of went by a tutorial that I made a long time ago (one of the first things I tried to sew since middle school) which I couldn't actually find again so I just kind of went by what I could remember. I gave it an elastic waistband and used lingerie elastic so the waist won't be quite so bulky. It was very comfy and I think it turned out quite well if anyone wants any more details let me know and I can go through exactly what I did.
Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2215 view C
So this skirt was from a pattern and I quite like how it turned out I LOVE the pockets. The pattern was pretty good I think I will do a full review on I'll post a link when I get to it. I actually sewed view A as well for the dress I wore to the wedding but I never did get a photo of me in it I'll try to get my boyfriend to get a snap of me in it and post a review on that as well.


  1. I love both but the one with the pocket is my fav. Lol, I am a sucker for skirts with pockets on the side, also I have a tangerine skirt like the first one. It's my husband's favorite.

    1. I love pockets on skirts and dresses to they're just so handy.