Friday, December 9, 2011

A couple more things I did for the trip

So I did a couple more things for the trip that I will post as well.
Second Hand shirt I altered
 So I didn't get a before on this one but I picked up this shirt at a second hand store. It was to big on me so I used the pinch and pin method from ThreadBanger to take it in it worked great. It was also white when I got it, white and I just can't seem to play together, so I dyed it what was supposed to be navy blue but turned out kind of bluey purple which is okay with me it's not a bad colour just not what I expected.
Yo Yo Necklace
 I brought some fabric scraps with me and my sewing kit so I'd have something to do. So I whipped up this necklace one day, I got the ribbon from my dark blue sequin shirt, which you can see below, it was the ribbon they often put in shirts to keep them on the hanger that never stays tucked so I always end up snipping them off. I used a button and made a loop in the ribbon at the back for a closure.
I got my hair braided on the beach, the lady who did it was so fast I swear it only took her about 10 minutes. People who can do hair and makeup are amazing to me no matter how I practice and practice I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

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