Friday, November 4, 2011

pirate costume

My boyfriend and I are going to a wedding in the Dominican soon for his sister and she is going to have a final pirate themed engagement party, so I whipped up a costume with some fabric from my stash, an oversize button down shirt, 2 brown cotton bedsheets, a really horrible mesh basket, some second hand boots and a couple pieces of jewelry from my collection. So here it is...
The completed costume.
 So to break it all down for the shirt I used the biggest button down shirt I picked up at a second hand store and turned it into a peasant style top by chopping off the neckline and sleeves and adding a casing which I threaded some blue ribbon through. I sort of used this tutorial
but made button holes in the front of the neck and in the sleeves to thread my ribbon through
  For the corset I used some pretty fabric I didn't have much of that I picked up at a second hand store a while back and this evange sews tutorial for a Swiss corset
but made the back higher.
   For the pants I used 2 bedsheets I picked up at a second hand store and sewed a pair of pajama pants using simplicity 9871
 I used two sheets because I lined the pants as just one layer of light cotton was quite see through. This has been a very well used pattern it was the first thing I sewed when I began sewing again a few years after I left the nest and I've sewn at least 6 pairs of PJ's from it.

No pirate is complete without a parrot. The bandanna is a shawl my mum gave me a long time ago.

This is the mesh basket it had plastic stuff in it to give it structure which I cut out and used for the boning in the corset. I've also saved the mesh to make some reusable produce bags.
The boots didn't really make it into the picture. I picked these hardly used Roxy boots up for 10 bucks at the second hand store.

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