Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Mums Rice Crispe Cake

This is actually from a few months ago but I just got the pictures off my mums camera and wanted to share it because I thought she did such a nice job. Anyway my mum made this cake for a wedding shower at the legion hall where she volunteers. The lady wanted a rice krispie cake with red ribbon tied around it. My mum isn't all to thrilled about using non edible stuff on edible stuff so she thought about it and finally came up with the idea of using fruit by the foot and here is how it turned out.
Here it is the rice krispie cake with fruit by the foot "ribbon"

She used melted marshmallow to hold the "ribbon" on
She found these little plastic cups for the tiers. She tried shot glasses at first but they where a bit to tall and didn't look right.

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