Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Mums Rice Crispe Cake

This is actually from a few months ago but I just got the pictures off my mums camera and wanted to share it because I thought she did such a nice job. Anyway my mum made this cake for a wedding shower at the legion hall where she volunteers. The lady wanted a rice krispie cake with red ribbon tied around it. My mum isn't all to thrilled about using non edible stuff on edible stuff so she thought about it and finally came up with the idea of using fruit by the foot and here is how it turned out.
Here it is the rice krispie cake with fruit by the foot "ribbon"

She used melted marshmallow to hold the "ribbon" on
She found these little plastic cups for the tiers. She tried shot glasses at first but they where a bit to tall and didn't look right.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Gifts

Well it was my birthday and I got a very lovely gift from my grandma. She knitted me a lovely shawl and included a shawl pin and a lovely maple leaf necklace here it all is.

The colours remind me of the beach I will defiantly be taking this to the Dominican in case the nights are chilly.

The back the yarn is sparkly I just love the little hole details.

you could wear it as kind of a scarf as well I suppose

The necklace goes so nicely with the shawl pin
My mum made me a very cute cake as well we went over to her place for cake a tea after supper. My boyfriend took me out to a very nice meal. I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich with salad. Anyway here is the cake
Isn't it cute

the ducks
the froggy

pirate costume

My boyfriend and I are going to a wedding in the Dominican soon for his sister and she is going to have a final pirate themed engagement party, so I whipped up a costume with some fabric from my stash, an oversize button down shirt, 2 brown cotton bedsheets, a really horrible mesh basket, some second hand boots and a couple pieces of jewelry from my collection. So here it is...
The completed costume.
 So to break it all down for the shirt I used the biggest button down shirt I picked up at a second hand store and turned it into a peasant style top by chopping off the neckline and sleeves and adding a casing which I threaded some blue ribbon through. I sort of used this tutorial
but made button holes in the front of the neck and in the sleeves to thread my ribbon through
  For the corset I used some pretty fabric I didn't have much of that I picked up at a second hand store a while back and this evange sews tutorial for a Swiss corset
but made the back higher.
   For the pants I used 2 bedsheets I picked up at a second hand store and sewed a pair of pajama pants using simplicity 9871
 I used two sheets because I lined the pants as just one layer of light cotton was quite see through. This has been a very well used pattern it was the first thing I sewed when I began sewing again a few years after I left the nest and I've sewn at least 6 pairs of PJ's from it.

No pirate is complete without a parrot. The bandanna is a shawl my mum gave me a long time ago.

This is the mesh basket it had plastic stuff in it to give it structure which I cut out and used for the boning in the corset. I've also saved the mesh to make some reusable produce bags.
The boots didn't really make it into the picture. I picked these hardly used Roxy boots up for 10 bucks at the second hand store.