Saturday, October 15, 2011

Purple Lace Shirt

I used to t-shirts for this one a freebee at a church sale and the lace one I got at a bag sale at a local second hand store.  The mauve one was kind of weird it had a kind of tie thing at the bust which (I guess you can't really see in it the photo sorry about that) I guess was supposed to make it a scrunchy v-neck sort of deal. Anyway I didn't really work so I just snipped the strings off. I've been seeing the shirts quite a bit lately with the trim down the front of the shirt and decided that,s what I'd do, so I dug up the lace shirt which hits me at about the belly button (not a sight anyone wants to see) and cut a strip of lace from the back where I could get a longer piece of fabric than the front. I hemmed the two edges then stitched it down to the front of my mauve shirt.
the 2 shirts before

and the after 
I really like this idea I am a little disappointed with how the lace panel turned out a bit smaller at the bottom it still looks okay though and I won't mind trying this project again.

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