Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magazine Wall Hangings and a Neat Way to Position your Pictures

I was browsing the web for ideas to upcycle magazines and came across a cool way to make a wall hanging, which was perfect as I've looking for cool ideas to decorate my walls.  So here is the sight and what I did with the idea.

humpback whale



here they are hanging on the wall
  I'm not sure where I seen this, I think it may have been in a magazine, but here is a really cool way to hang up you pictures to help you get them straight and positioned where you want them.
 So the first step is pretty straight forward take some paper, I used some payed bills and junk mail, and trace out your picture onto the paper and cut it out.
Then measure where the hangy mabob is on the back of your picture and measure and mark that out on your paper.
Tape the paper up where you would like your pictures to hang until you get a pleasing arrangement.
 Now nail you hanger right through the paper on your mark.
Now just tear away the paper and hang your picture
remember if your using there hangers you want the bottom of the hangy thing and not the nail at your mark or your picture will be lower than you planned. Not that I've ever done anything like that I actually should have put mine higher but it turned out fine.

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