Saturday, October 1, 2011

The funky zipper skirt

Okay now I'm not entirely happy with this skirt but I like the zipper I thought it looked pretty funky. I would like to try the skirt again but plan things better. I sort of made things up as I went along and it  shows. Anyway I'll show you what I mean.

I like the front

The back is where it didn't really work out
So what happened was the pattern I used didn't have a waistband and was meant to have a drawstring waistband. Here is the link  .I actually made this skirt quite a while ago in a Polk-a-dot gray fabric here are some pics of that.

A very simple skirt it was one of my first projects when I started sewing again. Anyway what I did with the black skirt was to cut out a waistband to fit my waist then the bottom part of the skirt ended up to big to to fit the waist so I put in a dart and it would have been okay with a non striped fabric but as you can see it doesn't really work with the stripes. I think I can salvage this project if I unpick it and trim the bottom to match up with the top.

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