Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY sun jars

I decided to make my own sun jar I thought it would be kind of cheery in the coming winter months. I used a giant pickle jar my mum brought home for me from the legion, where she volunteers, and a salsa jar from my recycle bin. I picked up two of the solar garden light things for cheap at Walmart in the summer clearance section and some frosted glass spray in the paint section. I borrowed some silver spray paint for the lids and a piece of cardboard to put in the bottom to reflect the light.  If anyone wants a bit of a how to let me know there are lots of tutorials out there already I just did a couple things different.
Here it is right after I sprayed the jar with the frosted glass spray. I drew than cut out a simple design from some scrap paper then sprayed the backs with re positional adhesive and stuck them to the jar.

Peeling off the paper it worked hooray!!

Here is the lid my boyfriend cut with the circle saw all neat and tidy.

and the hole I drilled not so neat and tidy but oh well it still serves it's purpose.

here they are on the window sill in the daylight

and here they are all lit up I'm really enjoying them, they're quite nice as the days get shorter

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