Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas Cake and other treats

Well it's Christmas cake time again. I like to make mine now so they have time to age little. I'm not really a fan of christmas cake but my boyfriend loves them so I make them. I make 4 one for him, one for him to take to his family, one that I take to my family (my dad and uncle like them) and one for a friend of ours who Loves christmas cake and doesn't always have the easiest time in life so We'll see if we can find him this year. Later on I'll make marzipan for them. Anyway here's the process.
The fruit I get it all ready and chopped up then mix the other ingredients together which I forgot to take a picture of

I add the fruit to the goo and mix until my arm hurts and I can't mix anymore

it's a pretty thick batter

They go in the oven for about 2 hours and bam christmas cake I let it cool on a rack for a few hours

Then comes the brandy I use St.Remy authentic french brandy ooh la la. I soak some cheese cloth

then wrap the cheese cake in it I also pour some on the cake

Wrap it in foil seal it in a tin or Tupperware container and it'll be ready to unwrap at Christmas time

 If anyone wants the recipe I use leave me a comment and I'll post it. I have been told it's the best Christmas cake ever my grandma has been using the recipe for years.
    I got to try a wonderful treat this year my landlords have fig trees in there back yard so my boyfriend and I got to try fresh of the tree figs. I wasn't sure about them at first but I did start to like them in the end. They're quite unlike any other fruit I've tried and are apparently actually flowers that don't open. The only thing I can think of that even closely resembles the flavour or texture is kiwis. Anyway a lovely fruit when you cut into it. You don't actually need to cut it you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth but we were a little reluctant at first. Anyway here is a picture.
I've heard that figs are supposed to be an aphrodisiac because they look like a vagina but I don't see it. Maybe people had better imaginations when porn was harder to come by.

I also got another treat this year I tried to grow some vegetables at my mums this year it didn't go great but I did learn quite a bit so I'll give it another go next year. Summer started so late here that by the time it stopped pouring rain I had kind of lost enthusiasm and just sort of threw some seeds in the ground and hoped for the best. Anyway I got a few peas, carrots and beans but we planted potatoes and didn't do to badly. I baked the little tiny ones with a bit of olive oil the first night and they where delicious. If you have a little room on a deck and a large container potatoes are so easy to grow and totally worth it so good fresh.
Here are the larger potatoes my mum and I split them up this is my half

The tiny ones ready to go in the oven my mum told me to take them as there wasn't really enough for her my dad and my brother. My boyfriend was at work or something so I got them all to myself.

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  1. Lol, I am stalking your blog. I am on a lunch break really and I adore anything crafty so your blog is now my latest addiction. Please post the recipe for this, my husband and I love christmas cake and I can neither of us can get enough of it. I had a recipe from an old lady in the Bahamas (where am from) but water spilt on it and the ink bled all over. End of recipe. It was so good though and I haven't food one quite like it since.