Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brown hoodie

Here is a hoodie that I picked at a garage sale. I loved the brass buttons on it and decided it would be neat to do a design around the buttons. It actually fits kind of big and I'm thinking of taking it in but then again I may just use it as a comfy camping outdoor sweater.
The sweater before

a close up of the buttons

the paint and stamp that I used
 I used a stamp to make the design around the buttons that I found at my mums. I used regular paint I picked up at walmart and added textile medium. I can't remember whether I used the Americana Fabric Paint Medium or the Folkart Textile Medium I've used both and they they both work well although the paint ends up a bit on the runny side with both so you really want to get rid of excess paint on your stamp or brush to avoid having blotchy stamp or leaky stencil jobs.
Here is the design with the stamp I did around the buttons

a close up of one of the stamps

I stenciled a bird on the bottom of the hoodie I picked this stencil up at the dollar store

the whole thing

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