Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magazine Wall Hangings and a Neat Way to Position your Pictures

I was browsing the web for ideas to upcycle magazines and came across a cool way to make a wall hanging, which was perfect as I've looking for cool ideas to decorate my walls.  So here is the sight and what I did with the idea.

humpback whale



here they are hanging on the wall
  I'm not sure where I seen this, I think it may have been in a magazine, but here is a really cool way to hang up you pictures to help you get them straight and positioned where you want them.
 So the first step is pretty straight forward take some paper, I used some payed bills and junk mail, and trace out your picture onto the paper and cut it out.
Then measure where the hangy mabob is on the back of your picture and measure and mark that out on your paper.
Tape the paper up where you would like your pictures to hang until you get a pleasing arrangement.
 Now nail you hanger right through the paper on your mark.
Now just tear away the paper and hang your picture
remember if your using there hangers you want the bottom of the hangy thing and not the nail at your mark or your picture will be lower than you planned. Not that I've ever done anything like that I actually should have put mine higher but it turned out fine.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Clock

I'm so happy with how this project turned out.
I used this and this tutorial to hollow the book:
I did two things differently though I cut right through the back cover of the book and glued down the cover of the book.
I was inspired by other book clocks I've seen here and there. Anyway here are the pictures and if anyone wants any details about how I did any of it let me know.
Here is the front most of the book clocks I seen didn't have any numbers which is a pet peeve of mine I want numbers on my clocks

the back I picked up the saw tooth hanger at Canadian Tire it had built in nail things and I also dabbed a little super glue on it just to be sure

Here it is hung up in my bedroom most of the clocks I seen where meant to sit on a shelf but who has the room

and a bit of a close up

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gardening and stuff

Well the last two days I've been working in my mum's garden getting it ready for the winter. I found the cutest tree frog when I was digging the veggie garden.  I bet he's one of the ones who's been croaking all night long.
I love the colours

grubby hands just prove you've been working
My christmas cactus are both blooming I'm very exited
so lovely

look at all the buds

and the white one
   Now hopefully I'll get some sewing done in the next couple days we have to leave for the Dominican on the 10th of November and I still haven't sewn my dress to wear for the wedding. I'll leave you with this cute little salamander I found on the way home from garage sales, did I mention I like amphibians.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cherry Creek Trail

These are some nature picks from a trail not far from my house where I like to walk.
This is from september I think I seen a whole bunch of cray fish in the creek

I managed to catch one I thought this picture turned out quite well

and a cute little long toed salamander I love amphibians it was getting a little dark so the picture didn't work out super well
My buddy I always stop and visit on my walk I decided I'd call him ginger snap as I never see his people home so I don't know what his or her name is. A very friendly cat
Well I'm off to garage sales with my mum now so until next time have a wonderful day

Purple Lace Shirt

I used to t-shirts for this one a freebee at a church sale and the lace one I got at a bag sale at a local second hand store.  The mauve one was kind of weird it had a kind of tie thing at the bust which (I guess you can't really see in it the photo sorry about that) I guess was supposed to make it a scrunchy v-neck sort of deal. Anyway I didn't really work so I just snipped the strings off. I've been seeing the shirts quite a bit lately with the trim down the front of the shirt and decided that,s what I'd do, so I dug up the lace shirt which hits me at about the belly button (not a sight anyone wants to see) and cut a strip of lace from the back where I could get a longer piece of fabric than the front. I hemmed the two edges then stitched it down to the front of my mauve shirt.
the 2 shirts before

and the after 
I really like this idea I am a little disappointed with how the lace panel turned out a bit smaller at the bottom it still looks okay though and I won't mind trying this project again.

Blue Tie back shirt

This blue one was another 50 cent garage sale find I decided to stencil it. I picked up the stencil I used at a garage sale as well and used screen painting paint.

I put a butterfly at the shoulder

and some ferns and critters at the bottom which aren't easy to see in the photo I'm not sure what the stain was put it came out in the wash

I think it turned out okay

the stencil and the paint I used

Wild Rose T-shirt

  For this blue one my inspiration was this tutorial here:  http://studiorenchinchay.blogspot.com/2010/05/embellish-your-t-shirt-tutorial.html
I posted this 50 cent garage sale find a while back

I added some felt wild roses

then stamped on some leaves with a homemade stamp

I think I'll have to put a dart in at the neck it's a little gapey on me

and my eraser stamp and the paint I used

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY sun jars

I decided to make my own sun jar I thought it would be kind of cheery in the coming winter months. I used a giant pickle jar my mum brought home for me from the legion, where she volunteers, and a salsa jar from my recycle bin. I picked up two of the solar garden light things for cheap at Walmart in the summer clearance section and some frosted glass spray in the paint section. I borrowed some silver spray paint for the lids and a piece of cardboard to put in the bottom to reflect the light.  If anyone wants a bit of a how to let me know there are lots of tutorials out there already I just did a couple things different.
Here it is right after I sprayed the jar with the frosted glass spray. I drew than cut out a simple design from some scrap paper then sprayed the backs with re positional adhesive and stuck them to the jar.

Peeling off the paper it worked hooray!!

Here is the lid my boyfriend cut with the circle saw all neat and tidy.

and the hole I drilled not so neat and tidy but oh well it still serves it's purpose.

here they are on the window sill in the daylight

and here they are all lit up I'm really enjoying them, they're quite nice as the days get shorter

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brown hoodie

Here is a hoodie that I picked at a garage sale. I loved the brass buttons on it and decided it would be neat to do a design around the buttons. It actually fits kind of big and I'm thinking of taking it in but then again I may just use it as a comfy camping outdoor sweater.
The sweater before

a close up of the buttons

the paint and stamp that I used
 I used a stamp to make the design around the buttons that I found at my mums. I used regular paint I picked up at walmart and added textile medium. I can't remember whether I used the Americana Fabric Paint Medium or the Folkart Textile Medium I've used both and they they both work well although the paint ends up a bit on the runny side with both so you really want to get rid of excess paint on your stamp or brush to avoid having blotchy stamp or leaky stencil jobs.
Here is the design with the stamp I did around the buttons

a close up of one of the stamps

I stenciled a bird on the bottom of the hoodie I picked this stencil up at the dollar store

the whole thing

Belts for my sister in laws wedding

Well I got the final project I'm doing for my sister in laws wedding done. She wanted some sashes/belts made for the flower girls dresses in her wedding colour. The dresses are white linen I'll try to get a photo of the belts with the dresses as well.

Here is a sample I made in some scrap fabric to get an idea of the size we wanted, we chose the bigger one. The lighter is just there for scale

and here they are I think they turned out quite cute

here is the closure on the back of the belt.
If anyone wants to know how I made them let me know.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas Cake and other treats

Well it's Christmas cake time again. I like to make mine now so they have time to age little. I'm not really a fan of christmas cake but my boyfriend loves them so I make them. I make 4 one for him, one for him to take to his family, one that I take to my family (my dad and uncle like them) and one for a friend of ours who Loves christmas cake and doesn't always have the easiest time in life so We'll see if we can find him this year. Later on I'll make marzipan for them. Anyway here's the process.
The fruit I get it all ready and chopped up then mix the other ingredients together which I forgot to take a picture of

I add the fruit to the goo and mix until my arm hurts and I can't mix anymore

it's a pretty thick batter

They go in the oven for about 2 hours and bam christmas cake I let it cool on a rack for a few hours

Then comes the brandy I use St.Remy authentic french brandy ooh la la. I soak some cheese cloth

then wrap the cheese cake in it I also pour some on the cake

Wrap it in foil seal it in a tin or Tupperware container and it'll be ready to unwrap at Christmas time

 If anyone wants the recipe I use leave me a comment and I'll post it. I have been told it's the best Christmas cake ever my grandma has been using the recipe for years.
    I got to try a wonderful treat this year my landlords have fig trees in there back yard so my boyfriend and I got to try fresh of the tree figs. I wasn't sure about them at first but I did start to like them in the end. They're quite unlike any other fruit I've tried and are apparently actually flowers that don't open. The only thing I can think of that even closely resembles the flavour or texture is kiwis. Anyway a lovely fruit when you cut into it. You don't actually need to cut it you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth but we were a little reluctant at first. Anyway here is a picture.
I've heard that figs are supposed to be an aphrodisiac because they look like a vagina but I don't see it. Maybe people had better imaginations when porn was harder to come by.

I also got another treat this year I tried to grow some vegetables at my mums this year it didn't go great but I did learn quite a bit so I'll give it another go next year. Summer started so late here that by the time it stopped pouring rain I had kind of lost enthusiasm and just sort of threw some seeds in the ground and hoped for the best. Anyway I got a few peas, carrots and beans but we planted potatoes and didn't do to badly. I baked the little tiny ones with a bit of olive oil the first night and they where delicious. If you have a little room on a deck and a large container potatoes are so easy to grow and totally worth it so good fresh.
Here are the larger potatoes my mum and I split them up this is my half

The tiny ones ready to go in the oven my mum told me to take them as there wasn't really enough for her my dad and my brother. My boyfriend was at work or something so I got them all to myself.