Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silk Slip for my Mother in Law

So here's a recent project that I have finished and photographed. My mother in law got a dress for my sister in laws upcoming wedding and it is unlined so I offered to make her a slip. I used Burda 7627 .This was my first time using a Burda pattern and I have to say it may be my last. I didn't care to much for the directions and can't imagine trying to follow directions for a more complicated pattern. It bugged me that the sizing chart was on the pattern tissue it took me forever to find it.
  Anyways to each there own, I made view B in size 18. I did french seams that i stitched down. I used some lovely blended silk I got very reasonably at K.T. Boutique and Fabric, an east indian shop loaded with lovely fabric and embellishments (If your ever in Victoria BC and love to sew I'd recommend paying them a visit).  It sounds like we'll be off to visit my mother in law in the next week so we'll see how it fits then. I'll also have to get another project I'm doing for the wedding done and sew my dress. 

some ribbon from my stash

Hit a little bump in the road with the blog

Well I just get started on my blog and won't you know it the screen on my computer goes all wonky. So anyway my super wonderful boyfriend decided to fix it for me and proceeded to dismantle it and spread it across my (well I guess our) kitchen table, then before he can remantle it he gets called and has to go to work. So he was busy with that for a week or so then he had to get his rotting wisdom teeth removed and spent a week or so at his mums in the city recovering. Well he got home about a week or so ago and just felt well enough to put my computer back together (sort of). So know I have my computer again for now but he had to order a new part for it so we'll see what happens anyway I'm back for the time being and will post what I've been doing over the next couple days.
my computer for the last month or so