Monday, August 15, 2011

This and That

Just a few things. On my trip to the city I found a tile kitty cat clock that goes wonderful with my kitchen, I got it at a second hand store for $8.00 I fell in love with it when I seen it. I got a lovely rose from my landlord the other day, they have beautiful rose bushes in the yard.
Tile Cat Clock

My Kitty Dante

My Rose
 My mum and I went for a walk and stopped to visit this fellow. I'm not sure what his name is but I call him Bones 2 because my mum says he looks just like a dog my dad used to have whos name was old bones. He's such a sweety he lives across from the local elementary school so with school being out right now I think he's a bit lonely.  I just love to stop and visit him.
My Buddy Bones 2
 We also met this fluffy guy and stopped to give him some pats.

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