Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Garage sale finds

 I've been garage saleing the last 2 weekends and had some great finds some I've already worked on and some I haven't. So anyway here it is.
I forgot to take a before picture of this one but it was just white and I decided to dip dye it. I used the same color as I did for the shell shirt below and just diluted it for the top and middle layer. It's hard to see in the photo but there's 3 layers of color and it has a flower pattern on it that really popped after I dyed it. Not bad for a 50 cent shirt.

I loved the beads on this one and figured at 50 cents if it didn't fit I could always cut off the beads but I actually really love the way this one fits but I don't really like white so...

(close up of the beads)

I decided to dye it it turned out splotchy though I kind of think I know why but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway I actually don't mind the splotchy it at least turned out pretty even so it's not the end of the world.

to get the color I made a pot of yellow dye and added blue until I got the color I wanted I think in the end I used about 2/3 of the pack of blue and a whole pack of yellow.

50 cents again this one is a little short but I think it's meant to be tucked in and would look great with a nice fitted skirt

yet another 50 cent find I love the details on this one

This one was also 50 cents it fits well but its a little low so...

Since it doesn't have any button holes I'm just going to trim off the buttons and resew them on through both layers just like the lower buttons

I liked this sweater it was a wopping $3.00 I think I like this one just the way it is and...

It's a really nice blend of 95% lambswool and 5% cashmere very soft. It does need a bath though it smells like maybe they had some kind of scented things in there dresser drawers. Nothing a spin in the washing machine can't fix though on cold of course.

This one fits well and I have a project in mind for it so we'll see how it goes 50cents again.

This seagull and pin set was $3.00 I thought it was so cute I love seagulls.

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