Monday, August 22, 2011

Treats From Norway

My boyfriend just got back from a business trip to Norway and he brought me back some gifts. I defiantly got spoiled.
Lovely reindeer skin. My boyfriend says they eat a lot of reindeer in Norway the hide is just lovely it's so soft and thick.

Here is the tag on the back of the hide

Some Norwegian treats I'm very exited to sample.

The boxes are so cute

This cute fishy

This isn't from Norway but he knows how much I like the mango moisturizer from the Body Shop and we don't have a store where we live. I ran out a couple months ago so it was a very thoughtful gift

and some baieys he got at the airport in the states.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Garage sale finds

 I've been garage saleing the last 2 weekends and had some great finds some I've already worked on and some I haven't. So anyway here it is.
I forgot to take a before picture of this one but it was just white and I decided to dip dye it. I used the same color as I did for the shell shirt below and just diluted it for the top and middle layer. It's hard to see in the photo but there's 3 layers of color and it has a flower pattern on it that really popped after I dyed it. Not bad for a 50 cent shirt.

I loved the beads on this one and figured at 50 cents if it didn't fit I could always cut off the beads but I actually really love the way this one fits but I don't really like white so...

(close up of the beads)

I decided to dye it it turned out splotchy though I kind of think I know why but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway I actually don't mind the splotchy it at least turned out pretty even so it's not the end of the world.

to get the color I made a pot of yellow dye and added blue until I got the color I wanted I think in the end I used about 2/3 of the pack of blue and a whole pack of yellow.

50 cents again this one is a little short but I think it's meant to be tucked in and would look great with a nice fitted skirt

yet another 50 cent find I love the details on this one

This one was also 50 cents it fits well but its a little low so...

Since it doesn't have any button holes I'm just going to trim off the buttons and resew them on through both layers just like the lower buttons

I liked this sweater it was a wopping $3.00 I think I like this one just the way it is and...

It's a really nice blend of 95% lambswool and 5% cashmere very soft. It does need a bath though it smells like maybe they had some kind of scented things in there dresser drawers. Nothing a spin in the washing machine can't fix though on cold of course.

This one fits well and I have a project in mind for it so we'll see how it goes 50cents again.

This seagull and pin set was $3.00 I thought it was so cute I love seagulls.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Felt Pattern Weights

 I seen these pattern weights in the store
but I thought they where kind of pricey for what they where. They where asking $25.00 I think and I just wasn't willing to pay that for something that seemed so easy to make myself. 
    I seen them quite awhile ago but just got around to making them. I rescued some BB pellets that my boyfriend was going to throw in the trash, I guess he doesn't have the pellet gun anymore and collected up some scraps of felt from various projects. Here is what I came up with I think they'll work quite nicely.
BBs rescued from the trash

bits and pieces of felt

I made 9 in all

A close up

 I've got some extra BBs so I might make some more I think some animal shapes would be fun.

Refashioned Belt

I picked up this Belt at a garage sale the other day along with a couple pairs of earrings. I took it apart and made a couple pairs of earrings and I'm sure I'll be playing with the other pieces soon.
The Belt

All dismantled



This and That

Just a few things. On my trip to the city I found a tile kitty cat clock that goes wonderful with my kitchen, I got it at a second hand store for $8.00 I fell in love with it when I seen it. I got a lovely rose from my landlord the other day, they have beautiful rose bushes in the yard.
Tile Cat Clock

My Kitty Dante

My Rose
 My mum and I went for a walk and stopped to visit this fellow. I'm not sure what his name is but I call him Bones 2 because my mum says he looks just like a dog my dad used to have whos name was old bones. He's such a sweety he lives across from the local elementary school so with school being out right now I think he's a bit lonely.  I just love to stop and visit him.
My Buddy Bones 2
 We also met this fluffy guy and stopped to give him some pats.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Embroidered Bird Ring Bearer Pillow

I made this for my sister in law who is getting married in a couple months I'm doing a couple other little things for the wedding as well which I will post when I am finished.
Anyway I found the pattern here:
and here's the pictures:


Fabric Yo Yo Tree

Well I've been away for awhile I went to the city to visit my in laws and when we got home we spent the day at the lake. Anyways I've been working on a few projects most of which are still kind of in progress but I'll post what I have finished.
    I actually made this yo yo tree a while back but I just tried to use thread to hold the "flowers" on it didn't work to well though because they would get all turned around, so I got out the glue gun and hot glued them on and it seems to be keeping them in place.