Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dirndl Skirt

Here is the dirndl skirt that I made the slips for.  I got the waist band sewn back on and it fits just wonderful now.  I used a tutorial from "Evange Sews" she makes awesome tutorial videos on youtube.
 The only thing she doesn't say is how long to make the length wise part of the panel I just guessed and I can't rember how long I made it now, but later on I found a tutorial on "Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing" that explains it in a bit more detail.
It was very simple to make and won't have taken long except that I had to unpick the waist band twice. First because I sewed it down all wonky so the second time I used a boat load of pins and it turned out good but it was to big, so I unpicked it again and re-sized it. In the end it turned out pretty good even if it did take two tries at the waistband.


  1. Okay back to work for me. I sure wish i could sew though, this skirt is inspiring me to dust of my machine. So cute!

    1. It isn't to hard to learn to sew with all the great tutorials out there now a days. I picked it up again about 2 or 3 years ago besides that I hadn't sewn since middle school in home ec and with my mum. So if you know the basics it isn't to bad.
      You really should dust of the old sewing machine it's so nice to be able to sew some of your own clothing.