Sunday, December 25, 2011

The rest of my mums gift

I got my mum a couple other little things. I found an urban dictionary which I was exited about because she is always asking me what things mean, like I would now ha, and I always tell her "I don't know look it up on Urban Dictionary" and she always tells me she doesn't know how so now she doesn't have any excuses, well until she looses the book anyway. I also got her vanilla perfume from the body shop because it's awesome.
The gifts

My wrapping paper

I decided to make a box for the perfume, I got a book with a bunch of box template in it at a second hand store so I used one of them to trace around

I used a ruler to score the edges of the box so they'd bend easily. I think I have a bone folder somewhere but I didn't feel like digging it out.

Glued it with the new super glue I kept seeing, I've got to say I really like it. It doesn't dry out as fast as super glue so you don't have to use it all as soon as you open it and I like that it goes on like a gel.

I added a bow I saved from something and a paper snowflake and they where wrapped.

My Best Friends Gift.

This is the gift I got for my best friend I really wanted to make her something but everything I had in mind I just couldn't get the supplies for. I couldn't make a terrarium because she is going home on a plane. Anyway here is what I ended up getting for her.
The first half of the gift

This gift bag was torn so I decided to use it as wrapping paper

all wrapped up

I also got her this cute little froggie you can hang on the wall I thought he was sort of rainforesty feel to him to remind her of home she lives in Alberta now

I just love this guy I wanted something oceany as well

All wrapped up I used a box and some ribbon I had around
Anyway I hope she likes everything and hopefully next year I can make her something.


I made this terrarium for my best friends mum. My boyfriend and I just went to see our friend who was at here mums for the holidays, we don't get to see her much these days as she lives in Alberta now. Anyway I wanted to take a gift for her mum to thank her for letting us into her home and making us dinner. I remembered she likes plants so I decided on a moss terrarium.

I made the mushrooms out of wine corks and the flowers out of beads and wire. I collected the moss from the driveway and the rocks from the ally. I read several terrarium tutorials and used a Meg Ellen Cole Threadbanger tutorial for the mushrooms. The flowers I remembered how to make from middleschool when beaded bracelets where all the rage.
  Here is the Meg Allan Cole Tutorial
I think I'm going to have to make the wreath as well. I love Meg she has the best ideas.

Napkin Holder to Wall Hanging

My mum likes owls so when I found this owl napkin holder at a second hand store I snatched it up for her, but she already has a owl napkin holder so I decided to make it into 2 wall hangings.
I love all the detail

I used a saw to cut the owls of the block thing

Then glued saw toothed hangers onto the backs the wood was to thin to use nails or screws

I forget to take an after picture before I wrapped them up. I used a mushroom bag and made the bow out of a magazine page 

I used this tutorial from "How About Orange" to make the bow

poinsettia wreath

I made a poinsettia wreath to hang on the door with some cardboard, fabric scraps, beads and felt I had around.  I think for next year I'd like to cover the whole thing in poinsettias, anyway here it is.
I got the suction cup from a thing for hanging your toothbrush on the mirror that never worked out that great.

I really like how the flower turned out

Pictures From the Dominican

Here are some pictures from my trip to the Dominican Republic.

This is bubble algae ( Ventricaria ventricosa) that was washed up along the beach

a very lovely butterfly

I was very exited to meet this guy when we wet out on an excursion there weren't any furry animals on the resort

He is bringing everyone on the bus a cocoa plant to try. You suck on the seeds they taste citrusy

cute little froggy

another cute froggy

This guy was jumping around the hedge beside the pool

This is Jackqueline she lived at the shops a half hour walk up the beach from the resort

a bark anole or anolis distichus, I think anyway

Some kind of sweet pea that grew along the beach

Look at the size of the pods an this puppy

a sand or ghost crab. I think it is Ocypode Quadrata I know the Ocypode is right.

Found this big fellow eating the bugs flying to the lights they had on the lawns

and here he is all puffed up after I tried to pick him up. I think he's maybe some kind of cane toad but I'm not sure.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I Spy Bag

 I seen these I Spy bags quite a while back and have wanted to make one for quite awhile so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Our flight to the Dominican was 7 hours there 8 to get home, so I thought the kids would probably need some entertainment.  Again if anyone wants details on how I made it let me know but since there are a ton of tutorials out there I don't imagine anyone will. Anyway here is what I came up with.
I used the vinyl from this package a ruler came in for the viewing window

You don't want to poke holes in the vinyl but it will slide around like crazy if not held in place, so I used bobby pins to hold it in place well I sewed. I got this method from ThreadBanger when they did fused plastic The link to the fused plastic video
and here it is all completed I got my uncle to take the photo of the little things and laminated it at staples

Close up of the view window

The back

punched holes in the picture card and tied the dry erase pen on with elastic
I picked up the plastic pellets at my local dollar stores they where in the craft section being sold as vase filler.

A couple more things I did for the trip

So I did a couple more things for the trip that I will post as well.
Second Hand shirt I altered
 So I didn't get a before on this one but I picked up this shirt at a second hand store. It was to big on me so I used the pinch and pin method from ThreadBanger to take it in it worked great. It was also white when I got it, white and I just can't seem to play together, so I dyed it what was supposed to be navy blue but turned out kind of bluey purple which is okay with me it's not a bad colour just not what I expected.
Yo Yo Necklace
 I brought some fabric scraps with me and my sewing kit so I'd have something to do. So I whipped up this necklace one day, I got the ribbon from my dark blue sequin shirt, which you can see below, it was the ribbon they often put in shirts to keep them on the hanger that never stays tucked so I always end up snipping them off. I used a button and made a loop in the ribbon at the back for a closure.
I got my hair braided on the beach, the lady who did it was so fast I swear it only took her about 10 minutes. People who can do hair and makeup are amazing to me no matter how I practice and practice I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

Some skirts I sewed for the trip

Before I left I sewed up some skirts to wear as I didn't really have very many that still fit well so here they are.
Teared polka dot skirt. I just raelized my eyes look closed in this pic I do that when I smile in pics for some reason, I look like lucky cat
 So for this skirt I kind of went by a tutorial that I made a long time ago (one of the first things I tried to sew since middle school) which I couldn't actually find again so I just kind of went by what I could remember. I gave it an elastic waistband and used lingerie elastic so the waist won't be quite so bulky. It was very comfy and I think it turned out quite well if anyone wants any more details let me know and I can go through exactly what I did.
Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2215 view C
So this skirt was from a pattern and I quite like how it turned out I LOVE the pockets. The pattern was pretty good I think I will do a full review on I'll post a link when I get to it. I actually sewed view A as well for the dress I wore to the wedding but I never did get a photo of me in it I'll try to get my boyfriend to get a snap of me in it and post a review on that as well.

Pirate Costumes for Co-ed Pirate Bachlor Party

   So I ended up changing up my costume a bit at the last minute so I could get a costume together for the boyfriend. Here's how they turned out.
I shouldn't have tried to put makeup on I'm no good at it the concealer under my eyes looks awful but oh well I'll eventually learn
I definitely should have put boning in the back of my corset because it bunched up in the back but oh well I'll know for next time if I ever want to do this project again. Aaron's costume turned out great, considering we threw it together at the last minute, and I couldn't believe all the random people who wanted to take pictures of him with the fake parrot on his shoulder. I picked the parrot up at Walmart after Halloween for a buck and we ended up dubbing him Peg Leg Polly as his leg kept falling off. Everyone Else's costumes where great to and I think a good time was had by all.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Mums Rice Crispe Cake

This is actually from a few months ago but I just got the pictures off my mums camera and wanted to share it because I thought she did such a nice job. Anyway my mum made this cake for a wedding shower at the legion hall where she volunteers. The lady wanted a rice krispie cake with red ribbon tied around it. My mum isn't all to thrilled about using non edible stuff on edible stuff so she thought about it and finally came up with the idea of using fruit by the foot and here is how it turned out.
Here it is the rice krispie cake with fruit by the foot "ribbon"

She used melted marshmallow to hold the "ribbon" on
She found these little plastic cups for the tiers. She tried shot glasses at first but they where a bit to tall and didn't look right.