Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Artsnacks and Smile Create Repeat creations.

So I'll start with smile, create repeat as I did that one first and this month it was acrylic here is what I made and the contents of the box..
Here is what I got we got two acrylics, some canvas boards and paint brushes
It was quite a challenge using only 2 paint colours but I was really impressed how many tones and colours I got by mixing my colours and adding water
Next here is artsnacks..
Here are the supplies watercolor paint, a zig brushpen, a paintbrush and a watersolubke graphite pencil.
Here is what I made I did the octopus with the pencil and his eye with the pen and for the background I used the paint along with the marker which I colored onto a piece of glass and picked up with the brush and mixed with the paint.
So that's it for now thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Some ATC's I made and more Smashbook art

I joined a few swaps on swapbot and here are the ATC's I made...
A fantasy book themed ATC I did tuck everlasting.

A pig themed ATC the quote is Mai West

A tree on book paper ATC

This one was a burlap ATC
Next off I did an acrylic painting in my smashbook of a fox on a tree background..

I loved the tree background and thought it needed an animal in the foreground.
  So there are a couple things I've been up to thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I painted my phone case

  So my 5 year old cell phone finally bit the dust the other day and I decided it was probably time to get a smart phone before the boyfriend and I kill each other because I don't know how to look up directions on his phone. So anyway I got the phone but the only case I could find that covered the screen, which I knew I'd probably smash otherwise, only came in black so I decided to paint it and here is how that worked out...
 Above are the spray paints that I used I made sure to get paint that was meant for plastic. I bought a matte white to start out with then a clear satin finish to seal it up with then I got my phone ready to paint...

 So I got the inside all taped off but I got ahead of myself and completely forgot to give the case a light sand and cleaning before I painted it but it seemed to work out okay, I was lucky, but don't forget this step.

So again I got ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of it right after I painted it white but I did 4 coats of white and it was white then I put my design on it...
I used a Posca paint pen which I got in an art snacks box, any acrylic paint pen would do though I'm sure, and drew on an octopus and here it is.

The back

The front.
After my design was on my case I gave it 2 coats of clear spray paint to seal it and called it done.
   So there it is thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A bunch of art stuff

  I've got a little catch up to do ha ha I got some stuff I keep forgetting to post about so here it is I'll start of with lino cuts..
I made this fish stamp awhile back and keep forgetting to post him

Here is the actual stamp, the fish is cut from a speedball speedy stamp block and the hi is cut from an eraser.
I just cut out this hawk from an actual linolium block yesterday..
a hawk lino cut

Here is the print the quote is from Shakespeare and says "when the wind is southerly I can tell a hawk from a handsaw"
The hawk is actually my first real lino cut from a linoleum block rather than the pink eraser like material, it was interesting definitely not as easy to cut and a bit crumbly you had to be a lot more careful not to cut to much away. I'm pretty happy with the result I think not perfect but an okay first try! I think round two will be along shortly ha ha!
   Next I'll share what I got and made from January's Pigment and Palette box...
Here is what I got a white krink paint pen, silver acrylic paint from kroma, a trekell paint brush and "the masters" brush cleaner, which is great by the way I have a large one on my kitchen window sill that I use to clean my brushes.
Here is what I made with the added help of a black acrylic paint pen from a previous art snacks box. The silver paint was really amazing I've never used a metallic paint that was actually totally opaque before it really amazed me.

Let's see what's next right some ATC's for swapbot...
First of this is for a "deep sea creature swap" it's a fanfin angler fish

Here is actually the first one I did but I liked it on the balck so that's the one I sent it is done with conte crayons pastels and charcoal
Next is a Map ATC swap for 2 ATC's
This one is conte crayons and I used a bit of gesso I tinted so I could write a quote on the map otherwise it won't show up.

This one was a lot of fun I used a inka dinka doo stamp of birds in flight which I colored with a pen and I used a stamp for the letters and went over them with clear embossing powder. I also stamped over the map with a handwriting stamp and brown ink.
And last of all I started useing a smash book as kind of an experimental mixed media sketch book of sorts and here is what's going on with that...

you may recognize the homemade fish stamp from above

my favorite made with a bamboo pen, brown ink and pencil crayon

So that's that, thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some ATC's

 Hi there,
I was watching some YouTube videos the other day and one of my favorite youtubers is hosting an ATC swap here is the video if your interested in joining.The swap is for 10 to 15 ATC's (you get back what you send) and you have to have your ATC's there by the 7th of February. Anyway I thought I would share what I came up with...
A frog prince ATC


A fishy

This was the first one I made snail mail is the best!

A lovely pigeon, image courtesy of the graphics fairy

a sort of zentangle doodle

Of course a mushroom or 2 will always make it into anything I do where I can make whatever I want ha ha
Furry companions for the win

a crow done with acrylic paint pens

dream, image from the graphics fairy again I actually made 16 so I think this one might not make the cut it's a bit to simple I think.

a queen bee

a fish

of course an octopi

trolls make me smile

and another octopi
and another mushroom
I also made an extra ATC for Mark if you watch his videos you'll know he has a thing for doll heads so I made this..
I think it turned out out but I might actually try again and see if I can do better
I also did a lino and eraser print card...
The fish is a stamp I cut from a lino block the hi is cut from an eraser
and I just joined a swap on swapbot for a blindfolded ATC it was even harder than I thought it would be here is what I got from that...
The most beautiful ATC ha ha
So the plan for this ATC was to do an ombre kind of background in acrylic paint then stamp a octopus in the top middle with good luck underneath (just because good luck seemed fitting ha ha) then I wanted to draw a border around the outside, then I took off my blindfold and I decided it needed a bit more so I added the rhinestone and used a gel pen to make a bow tie and added the washi tape which was supposed to be parallel with the sides. That was the plan ha ha it's hard to do crafts blindfolded! Oh ya I also tried to color the octopus and good luck with pencil crayon!
     Well that's it for now thanks for stopping by and have a great day!